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youtube competitors: The competition does not sleep – alternatives to YouTube

YouTube is no longer the only video platform. We present you alternatives and competitors.

youtube competitors: YouTube has been around since 2005 and the small project has become a big company that has long been part of IT giant Google. The motto “Broadcast yourself” is still a program, because anyone can upload their videos to YouTube and genre tech nisch it is not restricted. There’s everything your heart desires on YouTube, but will the portal continue to be the leading video sharing platform on the net?

A direct competitor to YouTube is Dailymotion, a French platform that mimics the layout and principle of the role model. Only the dispute with the Gema has Dailymotion better under control because there are also music videos. The offer of 2.2 billion videos is impressive and attracts 105 million users per month. With its own gaming section Dailymotion now also attacks Twitch directly (we reported).


Most of the competitors that YouTube currently has on the market are specializing in a specific audience and optimizing their offerings for them. For example, the German portal uses the unpopular gema lock on YouTube and focuses its offer on music videos. There are about 45,000 on the platform, which compares itself to MTV. However, can not compete with YouTube in terms of usage. In November 2014, only 350,000 music enthusiasts visited the site – a downward trend, numbers over which great creators can only laugh.

Also Vevo has specialized in music videos and can rely on the music channel Vevo TV on 75 000 HD music videos. The agreement with the Gema plays a central role here as well, which is not surprising since Sony Music is behind the platform. This also ensures that there are always premieres of videos on Vevo to see. The call numbers on Vevo surpass by far: The portal makes five billion views a month – but worldwide.


Away from access for everyone and towards professionalism also moves Vimeo, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary . The portal appeals mainly to filmmakers and friends. The videos are high quality and ad-free – but not always free. After all, 16,000 paid clips have to offer the platform, using a video-on-demand principle. The 170 million visitors per month, however, does not bother that much, as do the 30 million registered users, who can only upload 500 megabytes of videos a week and pay for every extra treat.

The largest video platform from Germany also specializes in films and series. On MyVideo can be found in the 3.8 million clips and original dubbing of some series. The platform of a subsidiary of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group accounts for around eleven million visitors per month. Even music videos can be seen on MyVideo, as the films and series are but these are interrupted by advertising.

As a competing group, a subsidiary under RTL offers the platform Clipfish. Again, mostly run series, also original and with commercial breaks. Of the usage figures, however, Clipfish can not compare with MyVideo: Only 1.5 million viewers visit the portal monthly.


Focusing entirely on gaming, Twitch is tweaking its offering and streamlining the platform for streaming gaming platforms of all kinds. The 1.5 million users appreciate this and have uploaded eleven million streams to their twitch channels in the past year alone. The 100 million viewers do not only inspire the gamer: In summer 2014, Amazon bought the platform. Also, some German YouTuber uses Twitch for their gamingstreams.


YouNow takes up an obviously different principle, because this is less about professionalism than about personality. It is streamed via an app directly from the mobile device. With the monetization of YouNow streams, some creators also began to use the platform. In criticism, YouNow came mainly by the increased streams of underage users who carelessly deal with personal information. The portal took the criticism to heart and promised better protection of minors.

Without the equipment with a search function, but with an automatic play function makes also Facebook  YouTube competition. The videos uploaded there are rated higher than normal posts and thus offer especially like pages a chance to make better use of their reach without additional payment. The video footage exceeds that of YouTube videos on the desktop, at least in the US. However, due to the autoplay function, these numbers are not 100% meaningful.

Bet alternatives to YouTube to Earn Money with Videos

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  4.  Maker Studios

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