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The iPad Pro 9.7 Inch – New Mini Power Tablet from Apple (Early 2016)

iPad Pro which the new iPhone SE was also presented, saw the successor of the iPad Air 2 introduced in 2014 and the iPad mini 4 introduced in 2015: the iPad Pro 9.7 ” – unofficially called “iPad Pro mini” . This designation has earned the 9.7-inch tablet with neat power under the hood. In this article, I want to show you a few specs and features, but also a small disadvantage of the device, which I noticed.

Specifications of the iPad Pro mini

The new iPad Pro mini comes with many technical innovations, which are a combination of technology from the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s (Plus) . For example, the components from the iPad Pro speak of the A9X processor with 64-bit architecture. Among other things, the iPhone 6s was taken over the camera and the ability to use the display as a flash replacement for the front camera.

Here is the datasheet of the iPad Pro mini in a compact overview:

Dimensions240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm
massWi-Fi: 437 g
LTE: 444 g
To dyeSilver / Gold / Space Gray / Rose Gold
Memory variants32 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB
display9.7 ”
2048 x 1536
264 ppi
processorA9X 64 bit
cameraBack: 12 Mega Pixels (f / 2.2)
Front: 5 Mega Pixels
connectivityWLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
Bluetooth 4.2
LTE Advanced (23 bands)
sensorsTouch ID
3-Axis Gyrosensor
Acceleration Sensor
Light Barometer
SIM (only with LTE)Nano-SIM
Integrated Apple SIM

To get an idea of the device, I’d like to recommend Apple’s product video:

True Tone and Night Shift: Special Display Features of the New Apple Tablet

Most users and especially those who are coming from other tablets (including the iPad) will most likely notice the True Tone Display. Four sensors are used to analyze the ambient light and white balance is done in the background of the system. This adjusts the display of the environment so that the colors on the display appear warmer (and therefore “normal”) again in an environment with warmer light.

This was explained at the Apple Keynote in the Cupertino Townhall: a white sheet of paper reflects the current light. Be it cold neon light, warm sunlight or something else. Tablets have not been able to adapt to the environment – the iPad Pro mini can do that.

There’s also a mode called Night Shift. This recognizes by the geo data of the iPad Pro mini and by the currently set time, when the dawn sets in, or when the sun still shines and when it has set. Towards the night, the blue tones (which are proven to keep you awake) are reduced and the color temperature generally shifted to warm. This should allow a better fall asleep.

In short, adapting to the environment with True Tone is a fine thing and will certainly prevail. Falling asleep on the iPad thanks to Night Shift, I do not think so desirable. My tip for a better fall asleep would, therefore, be: Do not take the iPad to bed, read a nice book and then – eyes closed! 😉

Apple Pencil: Use with the iPad Pro mini with timpani and trumpets

The current keynote praised their own products – as they had done for almost 40 years at Apple – and brought in only the best and most reputational comments in the presentation. Quotes were shown and read by leading graphics and animation companies, who said, among other things, that the combination of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is closest to paper and pen in digital imaging; of course before all other systems.

Personally, I could not test the Apple Pencil, but I already had a Wacom and various stylus models for the iPad. For me, everything was not so enlightenment, because the resolution and the precision were missing. Not only do these things improve with the Apple Pencil, but you also have the simulation of pressure and inclination of the pen – important features when drawing by hand.

Audio playback on the new Apple Tablet

Even with the new 9.7 inch iPad, there is a Pro Audio System. But what does that mean exactly? This means that a total of four loudspeakers were installed and introduced intelligently into the system. According to Apple, the volume has doubled compared to the last 9.7-inch device. In addition, the playback of audio tracks – especially in movies u. Ä. – After, how the tablet is held. An intelligent system for pure multimedia enjoyment.

Small addition: Also for editing multimedia (photo, audio, and video editing), the iPad Pro mini was recommended on the appropriate keynote by Apple. Even with 4K recordings that put enormous demands on the processor due to the amount of data, everything should be smooth.

The camera: pros and cons

Rear main camera

The main camera is borrowed from the iPhone 6s (Plus), thus ensuring the possibility of photos with 12 megapixels and live pictures in full HD to create. With regard to filming a 4K resolution is feasible. If you want to try slow motion, you can operate at a resolution of 720p with a frame rate of 240 fps.

On my iPhone 6 (without “s”) Although I have only 120 fps for the slow-motion shots, even with it can make impressive movies.

front camera

Also on the front, of course, a camera (for selfies, face time, etc.) installed. This comes with a resolution of 5 megapixels; an increase to the previous 1.2-megapixel front cameras of the iPads. In addition, there is now a kind of flash for this camera, which – as with the iPhone 6s (Plus) – is realized via the display lighting, which briefly flashes three times as bright as normal.

Camera stumble on the iPad – an innovation

But now the announced disadvantage: the camera literally stands out from the case. There is again the already bemoaned “iPhone humpback ” on iPhone 6 (which the great iPad Pro does not have!). Placed flat on the table, the device is, therefore, unsightly wobble around and annoy the user quickly. But Apple would not be Apple, if not already at the keynote, without mentioning the problem, a solution had emerged:

The Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro mini

The Smart Keyboard is a cover or tablet case into which a keyboard has been inserted. Not a new invention, but a good thing for using and improving the word processing workflow, sending messages and e-mails, and many other things related to letters and numbers. However, if instead of a QWERTY version of a QWERTY would have version must probably the Smart Keyboard for 9.7 Tablet access Apple alternatives.

iPad Pro 9.7 inch (mini)

Overall, six different prices can be mentioned here (source: Apple ). For the iPad Pro mini, .there is a version for pure Wi-Fi use ( iPad Pro mini Wifi ) and a version that also supports mobile to LTE ( iPad Pro mini Wifi + Cellular ). There are also various internal storage capacities:

iPad Pro mini Wifi

iPad Pro mini Wifi + Cellular

Conclusion for the new iPad Pro mini

If you were already fascinated by the iPad Pro and are looking for a more compact version of this top tablet, you can now consider it as found. The only “big” problem created by the camera’s hump can be solved elegantly with a case or the Smart Keyboard – an accessory that most people will use anyway. Otherwise, there are really only positives to the new iPad Pro 9.7 “mini to say. Of course, the price could be a bit lower – here some people seem to have been really surprised – but here is not just the content “Pro” but also the pricing.

For me, the new little iPad Pro does not come in the selection, as I have decided to invest in the next version of the large 12.9 inch iPad Pro. So long I have to deal with my old iPad 3 from the beginning of 2012 (the first model with retina display).

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