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The best Instagram alternatives apps for sharing photos in android/ios/ pc

Instagram has become a veritable institution when it comes to sharing pictures and videos on the Internet. But since its acquisition by Facebook, many privacy concerns are buzzing in the minds. Reason enough to introduce you to a selection of photo sharing apps that are well suited as an Instagram alternative.

Pixlr-o-matic with retro designs

alternatives to instagram

The Pixlr-o-matic photo-sharing app focuses on post-processing the images with ready-made effects: it offers you more than 20 color effects and 30 lighting effects, as well as about 30 different frames to put around your photos. Many of the optical gadgets are based on retro designs to later upgrade the images. You can also combine the different effects with each other. The edited photos can then be uploaded directly to Facebook or through the application’s own service. Pixlr-o-matic is available for free for Android and iOS.

Flickr: Known for Creative Commons

instagram alternatives android flickr

Flickr is often referred to as a photo community – the term brings the service’s offer to the point. With the app, you can upload digital images and videos and provide filters. The pictures or entire galleries can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Other users of the application can rate and comment on your photos. When you grant your images a Creative Commons license, you also give other users the ability to edit and use the photos. Yahoo’s Flickr app is available free of charge for iOS and Android operating systems.

EyeEm comes up with real-time filters

instagram alternatives for ios eyeem

Like Flickr, EyeEm is a photo community that provides its own social network for sharing and discovering photos. Similar to Instagram, there are a number of ready-made effects that can be used to add pictures after taking them. Unlike many comparable Instagram alternatives, with EyeEm you also have the option of capturing images with real-time filters – and you do not have to install them afterwards. Except in your own community, you can publish the photos on other social networks like Facebook. The app EyEm is free and is available for iOS and Android in the respective app stores for download.

Tadaa: More than 100 live filters

alternatives for instagram app tadaa

Tadaa also offers a photo community – and more than 100 live filters for exceptional images. These are regularly expanded by the publisher men schema Schine Publishing GmbH. An advantage of the photo-sharing application is that you can remove filters and tools that you do not need from the app. The customization feature gives you quick access to your favorite filters on the iPhone or iPad. Your followers will automatically receive a message as soon as they have published a new image. You can also link pictures to places as needed. The Tadaa app is also free – but only available for iOS.

Hipstamatic gives a retro look

instagram alternatives for pc

As the name implies, Hipstamatic lo-fi effects are in the foreground for a retro look of your photos. To achieve this effect, you have live effects or filters in the form of different “lenses” available. You can share the edited photos through the major social networks – or within the Hipstamatic photo community. According to the standard, this application is only available for iOS, ie on iTunes or in the App Store of Apple, for the price of 1.79 euros.


With regard to the rights to the photos, none of the presented applications can really convince: For almost all, you transfer the rights to the respective service through the publication. If you like the variety of filters in the foreground, you should try out the iOS app Tadaaa, where you can customize the number of effects also individually. If you want to publish the pictures in as many social networks as possible, EyeEm and Hipstamatic are recommended. EyeEm also offers many ways to discover new photos and photographers by browsing.

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