best anime movies and series 2018

The best anime movies and series, as well as popular anime sites 2018

There are many fans who like to watch anime series and movies online. Are you one of them? If you’re an anime lover, you’ll need to be interested in the latest anime series and the most popular anime streaming sites. In this article we will show you the Top 10 Anime List and Top 25 Anime Websites where you can watch anime online.

The best anime movies and series 2018

best anime movies and series 2018

Top 10 animated films 2018


➤ The Lego Batman Movie

➤ Me – Simply incorrigible 3

➤ The Boss Baby

➤ Ballerina

➤ Happy family

➤ Cars 3 – Evolution

➤ High-flyers – Small birds, big clatter

➤ Your Name.

➤ A Silent Voice (movie)

➤ Fate / stay night: Heaven’s Feel

Top 15 anime series 2018

Top 15 anime series 2018


➤ Attack on Titan

➤ No Game No Life

➤ One piece

➤ Dragon Ball Super

➤ Death Note

➤ Naruto

➤ Psycho Pass

➤ Code Geass

➤ Hunter x Hunter

➤ Tokyo Ghoul

➤ Puella Magi Madoka Magica

➤ Sword Art Online

➤ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

➤ Erased

➤ Noragami

Would you like to watch these anime series online? Are you interested in the new episodes of the new animes? There are many anime sites where you can watch online high quality anime streams for free. Following are the top five anime and manga streaming sites.

Top 5 Anime Sites Where You Can Watch Animes Online

# 1 Anime Website – Kissanime

Kissanime is a popular site for anime fans, and allows you to watch anime series in the free stream. This anime site offers you many free anime resources, and you can watch anime series in various resolutions from 240p to 720p / 1080p. In addition, Kissanime supports HTML 5 so you can watch your favorite animes on your smartphone.

# 2 Anime Website – Crunchyroll

The anime ERASED is very popular on Crunchyroll! As the most active anime website, Crunchyroll offers various solutions to finding your desired anime. For example, this anime streaming website organizes all the animes in a clear anime category: Popular, Simulcasts, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres, Season. There is also a forum where you can discuss your favorite animes with other fans.

# 3 Anime Website – Watchbox

RTL launches streaming portal Watchbox as a successor to Clipfish. On the Watchbox streaming site, you can watch both movies and anime series online. Watchbox has popular anime series and movies, such as Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, No Game, No Life. The anime streams can also be played on the smartphone and tablet. This german anime website is legal and completely free.

# 4 Anime Website – Anime Season

Anime Season has done a good job of delivering the anime series and movies. You can see the popular animes with voices from all fans. In addition, this anime streaming site goes into 4 parts to choose the anime: new anime episodes, latest anime referrals, last rated animes and last added animes. Are you interested in the new and popular anime series? Visit this anime website to find your favorite anime.

# 5 Anime Website – Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is another free anime site for watching online anime. You’ll be able to find favorite cartoons, anime series, series, movies, and select shows by rating, genre, and year. With Anime Heaven you can easily watch animes on Windows and macOS. In addition, Anime Heaven has an obvious advantage: you can download the favorite animes on the computer with different video quality.

If you can not find the anime you are looking for in the 5 Online Anime Steaming sites mentioned above, you can visit other sites in the table below.

Other popular anime streaming sites where you can watch anime online

logoTop anime websitesdownloadinformation
Akiba PassNo1. Steaming the popular anime series, movies and OVAs in SD and HD.
2. Pay € 8 a month to watch Anieme series almost parallel to the Japanese TV broadcast.
Anime on DemandNo1. 9,95 € / month. You get unlimited access to over 2,000 anime episodes and movies.
2. Dub premieres of new titles from AV Visionen already two to four weeks before release on DVD and Blu-ray
Amazon Prime VideoNo1. It only costs EUR 7. / month, and you can watch both anime and movies, TV series.
2. Popular anime series like Helling Ultimate, Full Metal Panic, Durarara available.
NetflixNo1. The range of anime in series and film is growing steadily.
2. You can try Netflix for 30 days for free and see if your favorite animes are there.
ProSieben MaxxNo1. Top Animes like Attack on Titan, One Piece, Detective Conan available.
2. You can find many free streaming content of the anime.
animaxNo1. The anime site is for Vodafone customers only
2. Anime fans can watch their favorite anime like Sailor Moon Crystal, Haikyu, Gin Tama, Sword Art Online anytime.
soul-animeYes, you can download the anime kotsnlos.1. You can watch the entire anime episode with subtitles for free.
2. The Anime Site has over 3,000 anime series and 50,000 anime episodes.
animestreams.tvNo1. You can watch anime streams with English Dub in SD and HD quality for free.
2. If you do not have favorite anime, you can also request it.
chia-anime.tvNo1. The episodes are updated regularly.
2. Anime with high video quality play.
3. Easy to search and choose.
anilinkz.tvNoWatch your favorite anime online on this anime streaming website with the largest database.
gogoanime.comNo1. The world’s largest free anime website as it describes itself.
2. Watch free series and movies online with English subtitles.
anime crazyNo1. Watch anime online for free.
2. Support for English dubbed and subbed anime videos.
anime novaNo1. Watch free anime series and movies online with English subtitles.
2. Provide Korean drama.
narutogetNo1. This site offers you all Naruto episodes.
2. It’s the best and fastest source to watch Naruto Anime online for free.
animefreak.tvNo1. It has an Android app.
2. Stream animes and watch movies online for free.
anime ultimaNo1. You have to sign up.
2. The animes are updated every hour.
3. Free anime website for watching the animes with English subtitles and dubs.
genx-anime.orgYes1. Stream and watch the latest anime series online.
2. You can download the anime episodes in high quality for free.
animeshow.tvNo1. Watch anime series with English subs online.
2. The best anime series Dragon Ball Super offer.
anime seedYes. It will redirect to another link to download the anime.1. Watch anime online.
2. Some animes are not playable due to copyright.
funimationNo1. You have to sign up.
2. It allows users to watch animes and Asian dramatic episodes.
3. Animes in English subs and subtitles available.


In this article we have provided you with the best 10 animated films 2018, Top 15 anime series and the 25 popular anime streaming sites. When looking for the anime sites, we found that there are few websites where you can download anime directly to the computer. In addition, there are few anime downloaders that are suitable for all anime streaming websites. How to save different anime videos from different streaming websites? In my opinion, direct recording is the best way to download the anime series.

With a good anime recorder, you can record anime episodes from any website on your computer screen. With just one click, you can save the anime streaming with high quality. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is undoubtedly the best anime recorder. Then you can easily watch your favorite anime on your tablet or smartphone.

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