The Best Android Free Games 2018

Free fun for Android devices: Here are the best free games for 2018. Thus, the year passes as guaranteed in flight.

Whether on the couch, at the bus stop or while the boss is talking about his vacation: when it comes time to kill, then Android games are the best choice. No category is as densely populated in the App Store as the Games, many top titles are completely free to have.

Out of sheer diversity then only the selection is difficult. Here we offer our help: We present the top games of the year with regular updates and direct download links at this point. Everything that is currently popular and successful, has high download rates or sets new trends – in short: All games that are really fun can be found here.

Without limitation to individual genres, everyone will find their new favorite game. From tricky puzzle games such as Two Dots on the adventurous Enigma in the setting of the Second World War to funny adventure titles such as King of Thieves or the first-class Beat’em up Shadow Fight 2 is plenty of variety.

The only thing that all titles have in common is the price: the games are all free. However, this often means that the developers finance themselves through advertising or in-app purchases. This is fine as long as games can be enjoyed without paying – that’s definitely the case with our selection. While in-app purchases often bring playful benefits, they are not required to achieve any level goals or the final end boss. The wallet is happy.

The best free Android games for 2018

Nobody can say what will happen in 2018 – only one thing is certain: it will not be boring. At least not if you follow our app recommendations. Whether battles strategist, brain teaser or skillful finger acrobat: Here everyone gets their money’s worth. Even if you are just looking for a relaxing title for a better end to work, you will find it here.

Charge your battery and throw away your diary, it starts!

1.Into the Dead 2

 Into the Dead 2

Oh scared, the zombies are here: In this dark end-time game, we must defend ourselves against hordes of undead and rescue missing family members.

Also, the second part of the successful Into the Dead can convince on the Android device again. The apocalyptic spectacle turns players into heroes in a time when they are especially needed: the zombies are still everywhere and want to kill their loved ones. The extensive action game comes with tons of weapons and realistic handling, promises long-term entertainment with 60 levels in seven chapters, and also offers long-lasting entertainment for gamers – depending on how players assert themselves in the missions. After an atmospheric intro, it goes straight to the point: Level by level, we have to cope with certain sections of the route, while our character runs off of it all alone. We then take care of the pathfinding and the withdrawal. But it is only pressed in an emergency,

Demanding graphics for modern devices

With first-class presentation, strong staging and atmospheric sound, this app spins a gripping and dense game world, but only on modern Android devices to its best advantage: The elaborate graphics with multiple levels and transparency effects can overstrain older smartphones quickly.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Into the Dead 2

A high-quality action title with a rough atmosphere, entertaining gameplay, and extensive content. Top!

2.Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time!

Simon's Cat - Crunch Time

Fatty candy thieves have stolen Simon’s nibbling stuff. Now we have to help the funny cat to defend himself against the brazen robbers.

At Simon’s Cat Crunch Time! Predatory birds try to steal the food from a sworn in cat band. Because this consists only of treats and snacks, the situation is particularly serious. Players rush to the feline friends so the side: In the puzzle game must be combined on colorful fields as many cat treats together to satisfy the hungry pets. This works according to the simple rules of a combination game, but is set in a magnificent setting with many details and pretty animations but excellently in the scene. Six game modes promise to give even gamers variety, on a lovingly designed general map it goes in several hundred levels to the point.

Miracle cure for boredom

The droll presentation of this puzzle game not only cat lovers quickly captivates. This is in addition to the consistent gameplay with short load times and the detailed presentation of the app: hand-painted graphics, a lively game world and regular updates with new levels make the game a miracle cure for boredom.

The conclusion to the test of the Android app Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time!

Consistent puzzle in a charming atmosphere: In this game you quickly forget the time.

3.Brain Training

This app can prove it: learning is fun! Brain jogging is fast becoming a leisure choker here.

With 20 logic and thinking games, it is the brain coach to the preserves. All game modes come with 15 levels,

Brain Training

therefore, but they differ only in difficulty, not the actual gameplay. In reaction games, we have to click through rows of numbers as fast as possible backward or create ourselves with our own brain halves: It is about to distinguish irritatingly colored words. The memory is also put to the test with various exercises: for example, with the task of storing as many faces as possible together with their names. If you often forget the name of someone else at the moment you shake hands (you are not alone), you are happy about the practice-oriented training program. Also, concentration exercises, math exercises, memory games and tricky acoustic exercises for the ears are on board.

Premium version without advertising

This brain teaser app is not lacking in good ideas, and the implementation has succeeded satisfactorily despite small design weaknesses. The translation is sometimes a bit bumpy, but that hardly bothers when playing. The situation is different with advertising: After each round, an intrusive full-screen window opens. With a premium upgrade for the price of € 1.99 (test time) is turned off.

Conclusion to the test of the Android App Brain Trainer

Brain-jogging with a fun factor: In this mind-game game, you can expect varying levels, each with 15 levels of difficulty.

4.Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure

In this game, we slip into the (snowboard) shoes of the brave “Alto” and quickly forget that we plow in the free game only through the virtual snow.

In Alto’s Adventure Let’s start the day of the mountain boy “Alto”, just as his day begins: with your feet firmly on the snowboard and hunting for llamas. The nimble four-legged friends in the vast and snow-capped mountain landscapes, namely, get along otherwise, which is actually quite logical. The remarkably atmospheric snowboarding adventure then turns level by level to collect the nimble lamas and lots of bonus points to then exchange them in the shop for all sorts of extras. The developers have skillfully captured the driving experience: Even on aged Android devices, it still goes down the slope with a monkey tooth and the smooth animations convey the freedom of the Alpine descent with dynamic camera perspectives so authentically, as the smartphone is just possible. Nice: Continuously generated sections prevent repetitions and make every downhill unique.

Real driving pleasure

In addition to high-speed rides and appealing level design, we also enjoy tricks and stunts in this refreshingly different snowboarding adventure. With jumps we fly over deep chasms, flips and grinds bring extra points and always provide a challenge. The soundscape can also be heard.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Alto’s Adventure

Fast, modern and atmospheric: with simple controls, the fast descents make this snowboarding spectacle always fun.



As a young dragon, we torch in this action-spectacle everything that gets in our way. Fast gameplay and explosive explosions included.

Anyone who thinks teenagers are bad has not experienced a hang-gliding teenager yet. At Drag’n’Boomis exactly one of those on the loose – and as expected donates a lot of chaos. Fortunately, because we are allowed to control the wild fire breather ourselves, this fits in quite well with the pre-adolescent Destruction Strip. The action-packed arcade title thrives on simple yet thoughtful controls: with our left thumbs, we carry our mini-dragon through the levels in a bullet-like manner, like “Sonic the Hedgehog” sometimes shooting through tunnels and ramps. With the right thumb, we diligently distribute fireballs, which are directed as well as the direction of flight with simple swipe gestures. The brisk and explosive adventure is not too easy: the level of difficulty makes the fiery adventure time and again a challenge.

Slow motion and upgrades

With slow-motion effects, various power-ups and a flexible overview camera, you’ll quickly forget the time with Drag’ boom. The brisk adventure entices with thrilling gameplay, simple game mechanics and proves humor in the right places. The app is ad-supported, can be freed by premium version but also of it.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Drag’n’Boom

A brisk action title with lovingly coordinated graphics, good controls and lots of explosions.

6.Infinity Loop: HEX


 ∞ Infinity Loop: HEX

An app like a holiday: In this relaxing game of patience, you have to arrange graphic elements – it quickly makes serenity spread.

Because of valerian: Who wants to find himself after a hard day or a visit of the parents-in-law to himself, can do that with Infinity Loop: HEX also playful. The logic puzzle introduces us level by level to chaotically arranged shapes – or rather fragments of them. At the beginning, players have to guess which character has been dismembered and then create a connected shape by rotating the individual elements. Sounds easy? It is – at least in the first levels. As the game progresses, so does the number of pieces of the puzzle, and sooner or later, characters will no longer be able to recognize them properly: only skillful tinkering will help. Unfortunately, there is no help once you get stuck on a level.

Best with headphones

The accompanying music of Infinity Loop: HEX is cleverly coordinated and contributes to the relaxed gameplay essential to the relaxation factor of the app. Headphones make sense for real immersion, so you can hide any ambient noise as well. The graphically simple title runs even on old devices still liquid and is executable from Android 4.1.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app ∞ Infinity Loop: HEX

Pure relaxation: With this stress-free puzzle game, users can switch off without any time pressure and in a laid-back atmosphere and play around comfortably.




Loneliness is here Game content: In this free game, you can just switch off and enjoy a wonderful gliding flight.

At Loner In a double-decker, we glide through shadowy worlds full of light trails, semi-transparent shapes and strange geometric tunnels, columns and gates. While a soft keyboard jingles in the background and string instruments create a mystical and enchanting ambiance, players have the control of their aircraft via touchscreen in their hand: With intuitive gestures, you can adjust the altitude or turn your biplane. This requires constant attention because who does not adjust his course regularly, crashes into one of the many obstacles quite quickly. However, this never has anything to do with hectic activity: all blockades approach leisurely and precise maneuvers are required only in exceptional cases.

Best with headphones

The most fun Loner with headphones, so disconnects with the dreamy App effectively from the outside world. The gameplay does not offer a lot of variety, but that’s a good thing: the app is all about switching off. In the evening before going to bed or after a stressful working day, this atmospheric free game is a wonderful way to relax.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Loner

Simple gameplay and a dignified soundtrack make the everyday stress in this Android game quickly forgotten.

8.Gears logic puzzles


 Gears logic puzzles

Puzzle until your brain falls out: With several levels and clever gameplay fans of patience games get their money’s worth here.

At Gears logic puzzles It’s true to the title: Players have to move freely movable gears here on a rectangular playing field until all red gears come into the rotation with skillful coupling. The drive comes from fixed, green pinions or moving blue toothed wheels: they can also make users turn with their own wiping motions. In a total of 1000 levels, you can prove a sense of geometry and mechanics here, after the first 50 levels, the difficulty level tightens properly. The app provides a variety of designs for visual variety, auxiliary gears help us overcome very tricky game moments and even gravity sometimes plays a role. Rusty gears that jam,

Do-it-yourself levels

If the prepared 1000 levels are too little or too easy, you can design your own levels with the app. They can then be shared with other players – so the challenges in the puzzle game practically never come to an end. The developers here are trying on a realistic mechanics, in most cases, this is also exemplary. You switch off advertising in the app for 1.19 € (test time).

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Gears logic puzzles

Cool sound, power levels, and charming gameplay make this free puzzle game a perennial favorite.




In 50 levels you have in this puzzle game only one (seemingly) simple task: To immerse the entire field in a bright yellow color.

At yellow Players get a simple task, in 50 varied levels, they always have to do the same: Colorize the field yellow. If you already suspect that this is not going to be as easy as it sounds, you are in the right place. The developer has come up with all sorts of things and presents puzzle enthusiasts with each level with a new challenge. So sometimes we have to find hidden pieces of the puzzle, move geometrical figures out of the edge of the screen with inverted movements or simply paint over dark spots. We have to crank, pull, turn and, above all, keep beating our own ignorance. The level of difficulty here picks up quickly and makes the initial sovereignty in the blink of an eye something like humble despair.

Without repetition value

So that no one has to bite his teeth on the sometimes very tricky puzzles, help is available for all levels. But they can only be unlocked by watching short commercials and are not always clear. The app waives advertising at the price of € 1.99 (trial date). Those who have mastered the 50 levels once, unfortunately hardly find any repeat value with this app.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app yellow

With 50 tricky challenges even experienced puzzle enthusiasts in this game over crisp challenges.

11.Flippy Knife


 Flippy Knife

Knife acrobatics in Pixel Forest: At Flippy Knife, we have to throw cutting tools into the air so skillfully that they stick with the blade in the ground.

Retro-style pixel graphics are all about Flippy Knife actually quite matter-of-fact: With a simple vertical wiping gesture, we throw all sorts of knives into the air – and hope that the cutting tools then get stuck with the blade in the ground. Whoever manages to get points. If you can not make it, you can continue without interruption – so there is only a little time left to get in trouble. Despite the simple gameplay, time flies by and the app offers supple and seamless gameplay with various game modes. All in all, we are allowed to unlock 35 blades here: from jackknife to short swords to axes and katanas. Even the nicely designed backgrounds can convince but have little to do with the gameplay.

Only one more lap

Flippy Knife is not just a game of chance: The reliable game physics allows you to prove real skill in the knife throw – so practice here is the master. At the same time, the inconspicuous title quickly develops a treacherous addiction factor: Without realizing how time flies, we only play here for hours this fast one last lap.

Conclusion to the test of the Android App Flippy Knife

A simple addiction game with droll retro graphics, steep learning curve and creative game content.

12.Dark stories


 Dark Stories

This parlor game is fun only in the group: In alternating question-and-answer sessions, participants have to get to the bottom of exciting stories.

Dark stories is an exciting puzzle-spectacle for a small group of participants. One of the players is chosen as the narrator and must read the other a selected story, which raises a lot of questions. Subsequently, the team members of the story go to the bottom with a detective’s sense – or at least try it. It is investigated in turn, each player may alternately ask the narrator a question that can only be answered with “yes”, “no” or “that is unimportant”. If a question is answered with “yes”, the same player may ask one more question until he receives a negative answer. The gameplay is not new, but the app comes with a decent selection of stories.

Rich selection

Dark Stories is the ideal app for long car rides, boring parties or secret office laps on sleepy afternoons. Anyone who sticks to the rules of the game must be related to Sherlock Holmes in order to find quick solutions. The storyteller, however, is free to give small tips when the puzzle round stops once.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Dark Stories

In this sociable puzzle app, players need to get to the bottom of more than 90 adventurous stories with clever questions.




In this droll game of skill, we slip into the role of the lonely “Clawbert”, who lives his life as a gripping arm in a slot machine.

Clawbert simulates a gripper slot machine with a few small but important differences. So there is an actual chance of winning in the Android game and no one has to pay for the games here. Otherwise, the virtual version of the model of the fair or from the arcade is very close: With a lever we move the cheerful “Clawbert” from left to right, which reacts with a typical inertia to all commands, but at the push of a button bravely and reliably. In the game, there are various eggs that spit out randomly generated content after a certain amount of time. That’s what it’s all about in the long run: The app offers more than 100 figures to collect.

With in-app purchases

In-app purchases are optional with Clawbert, but make the game flow much smoother. For example, you can unlock additional slots that allow you to collect more than one egg at the same time. Before the virtual lime canned after hatching namely slip and we can look forward to the content, the eggs must first lay around for a while – and there is initially only a single tray available.

Conclusion to the test of the Android App Clawbert

At Clawbert we collect droll characters, enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack and can simply switch off in relaxed gameplay.




This minimalistic puzzle game comes with a nice atmosphere and 100 trick-free levels for free on the Android device.

hocus. is a game of patience, as you wish: The app comes without advertising, offers plenty of creative levels and creates with relaxed background music from the beginning a sympathetic atmosphere. The gameplay does not have to hide and, as it should, gets trickier from level to level. Your task is always the same: With swiping gestures or by simply tapping, you set in motion a small cube that has to be dragged over narrow degrees and edges of various geometric figures into a color-coded target. This is a breeze at the beginning, but soon becomes wonderfully abstract: The spatially mostly absurd constructs are reminiscent of impossible figures, which despite steps and height differences simply run back into themselves.

Just do the level yourself

At hocus. You may also design your own levels and then send these artworks directly to friends via code. Although this is associated with a little effort and especially at the beginning is not always easy, but offers many creative ways of acquainting acquaintances – or this ado with extra nasty levels to drive insane.

The conclusion to the test of the Android app hocus.

Relaxed gameplay with impossible geometry: hocus. is a fun game of patience that lets you customize the crazy levels yourself.

15.CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars 

The robots are going: In this free game you build your own killing machines and prove their destructive power in a duel with other players.

If you can not wait for duels between gigantic super robots to become part of the evening program on TV,CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars anticipate the future itself. The fulminant action app makes players unceremoniously engineers who craft their own combat robots and send them into thrilling duels. Gradually, you can continue to tinker with the steel gladiators until the ultimate fighting machine is created. The combinations of weapons, extras and components open up a considerable amount of playful freedom, and the duels against the robot designs of other players are often just as exciting as they are wonderfully silly. For even , he thickest and heaviest armed super robot can fail on cleverly constructed mini-bots, for example, when he gets out of balance in a collision.

Plan, design – and watch

Nobody has to stay here with the control of their own killer bots, the fights are fully automatic. Players limit themselves after the kick-off on the banned pursuit of often cinematic scrapping, hope for a victory of the metal zoo and of course the reward for it: For won matches there are usually new equipment for the own death machines.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS is a varied crafting game with fulminant action scenes. The competitions with human opponents from all over the world are funny and exciting alike.




Something different: This casual game comes with refreshing gameplay and is based on fair in-app purchases.

The first look at the tricky Okay? is not very meaningful, it changes even when playing only after a few levels. The gameplay is actually very simple: Players must use swipe gestures to shoot a small black ball over an open playing field in order to touch various anchored objects. The trick: All brightly marked elements must be hit at least once – and the ball is darn tiny. Because of course, the developers have devised a lot of nasty constellations, the game sections also like to be hampered with obstacles and with time still moving elements added, every new level is fast becoming a tricky challenge.

Nice sound and fair in-app purchases

Even without background music Okay? acoustically a good impression: All the played figures are namely individual sounds of themselves, these are mostly samples of real instruments. Clever clearing of the levels is often accompanied by a small musical composition. In the case of in-app purchases, the developers take a fair approach: tips and advice on heavy sections can either be purchased or tapped by watching commercials for free. A little annoying: The back button ends the game at any time without asking.

Conclusion for testing the Android App Okay?

A varied puzzle game with fair difficulty, many creative levels and solid playing time.

16.Survival quest ZARYA-1 STATION


 Survival-quest ZARYA-1 STATION

Interactive horror story: In this space adventure, you influence an interactive science fiction story with your own decisions – for better or for worse.

In Survival quest ZARYA-1 STATION Command a small reconnaissance troop of brave astronauts heading for the moon in the not too distant sci-fi future. So far so good. Unfortunately, in the explosive mission, you are following a strange distress signal coming from the dark side of the moon. The survival adventure now spins a dense and often oppressive atmosphere, which lives not least from the oppressive accompanying music. Small gags relax the game but also over again. As commander, you command the ground personnel on the moon remotely, decide whether the astronauts are exposed to dangers or prefer to flee and must watch again and again as the mission goes down the river.

Different ends for the story

This sci-fi horror adventure comes along with relaxed gameplay, the strength of the title lies mainly in the gripping story and the many ways to continue this. Successful team leaders can expect several possible outcomes of the story, including happy ending. Staging and ambience have succeeded here outstanding.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Survival quest ZARYA-1 STATION

In this space adventure, you command a small group of brave astronauts through a fascinating (English) scary story.

17.Cow Evolution – Crazy Cows


 Cow Evolution - Crazy Cow Making Clicker Game

Playing God in the cattle stable: In this crazy Android spectacle you cross cows with each other and create wonderfully absurd super terraces.

Another title from the Evolution series: Cow Evolution – Crazy Cows cross the spotty milk machines, whereupon the “mootieren” and come with new properties therefore. At first glance, the new attributes are primarily of a visual nature: horns or spider eyes grace the mutants and soon a T-Rex cow trudges across the densely populated pasture. The more complex the cow, the more coins it drops – and that’s what the game is about: while the mutant herd of cows are producing more and more coal, we are investing in upgrades, automatic money gathering and, of course, new cattle. The mix of click game and build-up simulation works great and makes putting the smartphone down to a challenge soon.

Weird and silly – but with five different ends

Oblique wit, light-footed backing music and the fact that there’s always something to do, can keep Cow Evolution on display for a long time. There are even five different ends for the story. Only the playing field is monotonous over time – unlike the constantly mutating cattle, this remains permanently unchanged.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Cow Evolution – Crazy cows

A compelling building game for long rides or rainy afternoons. In-app purchases are not mandatory here.

18.HAWK – airplane shooting game


 HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot 'em up!

Fulminating air battles in solo mode or side by side with friends: This shooting game scores with full action and supple gameplay.

In front of magnificent backgrounds you fight at HAWK – airplane shooting game on the side of friends or even alone to the supremacy of the skies. With a whole range of different aircraft, weapons and upgrades, the gameplay follows the genre requirements in a nutshell – but stands out with first-class gameplay, many good ideas and clever setup of the competition. Overall, players here expect over 100 levels, teams can also be formed with random partners and additional game modes to provide even veterans even more variety. At the end of the levels, we meet again and again on powerful imposing bosses, which we get especially in the team with genuine satisfaction from the sky.

First-class free title

For fans of vertical shooters, this title is compulsory: The combination of intuitive controls, stylish graphics and sumptuous and often full screen animations is rarely as well matched as with HAWK – airplane shooting game. Especially with a friend, the air battles make a powerful mood, also because the game relies on an essential feature: Thanks to automatic fire, no one has to get his fingers sore.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app HAWK – airplane shooting game

Beautiful levels of destructible elements, varied opponents, and bosses as well as cinematic battles make this free game especially likable.

19.Egg, Inc.


 Egg, Inc.

With this relaxed building game, you breed hens, let the poultry lay eggs and make big money with the lime preserves.

What came first: the egg or the chicken? At Egg, Inc. We honestly do not care, we can not get enough of both. We have to “breed” chickens ourselves, it works quite simply at the push of a button. As soon as the first feathered egg machine is housed in the chicken house, the game really starts: with the automatically generated income, you can build new accommodations or set up feed silos. Very nice: With the latter, the farm produces eggs and income even when the app is closed. Upgrades such as more comfortable nests, better food or luxurious chicken house air conditioners are also available for sale and boost egg production. In addition to dollar notes you may also spend golden eggs to unlock special extras. The special currency is available as an in-app purchase,

100 chickens, then addictive

While in the first minute of the game at Egg, Inc., one wonders what they are doing, the addictive factor sets in on time for the 100th hen: there is always something to improve or expand, small jokes cheer up the gameplay and thanks to continuously generated Income, there is virtually no idle moments.

The conclusion to the test of the Android app Egg, Inc.

This fast-paced construction game is perfect for relaxed gambling in between, but can easily devour even afternoons.

Good Knight Story


 Good Knight Story

Puzzle, Knuckle, Giggle: In this humorous mix of genres, you must combine tokens and hunt dragons.

The free game tells the story of a brave and kind-hearted knight, who has to be on hand in about 100 levels. The gameplay is a refreshing mix of combination puzzles and role-playing. While the sprightly knight dares to move from one dungeon to another, monsters, skeletons and demons stand in the way of rowdy swordsmen. Defeat the adversary with elemental attacks, which we can trigger by combinations of similar pieces. Because it also allows defensive maneuvers to be performed, such as combining shield symbols, battles quickly gain some tactical finesse. Rewards are in the form of coins, experience points or new weapons.

Genre mix as a direct hit

The rather untypical gameplay mix can convince at Good Knight Story right away, which is also the weird joke. but it is here permanently funny. The game makes you long-term mood, also because of the many upgrades and the recurring boss battles.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Good Knight Story

An exciting puzzle RPG with charm and wit – but also with translation errors

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