What Does TFW Mean

TFW? What Does TFW Mean? Why Everyone Using TFW now a Days?

We all know how it feels when you come across jargon or let’s say, abbreviations like TFW. If you have been on the lookout for TFW significance, you’re at the perfect place! This post will demystify TFW and provide answers to that one question that has been boggling you for quite some time now

What Does TFW Mean

What does TFW mean?

Without further ado, let us reveal what manay people are searching for what TFW stands for? or what is the tfw full form? here the answer for TFW:  ‘That Feel When’. Well, it’s kind of hard to understand what exactly TFW means without putting it in a context. Take a look at these TFW example paragraphs —

“TFW you eventually get to play your favorite game on PS4”

“TFW you realize You’re wide awake at 2am in the early morning viewing Game of Thrones”

“TFW you realize you just missed your early morning flight”

Still unclear about what is TFW? It is just an expression to convey some type of emotion or feeling. And more often these feelings are almost always universal — somebody out there at the twitter community or social media would have posted “that feeling when” type of messages an umpteen number of times. In fact, this saying has now become ubiquitous.

So TFW significance is now pretty much clear. Wish to express a ridiculous situation? Just put TFW at the beginning of the sentence. “TFW when she tweets — ‘someone text me’ and you text her just to hear ‘why did you text me?'” Or “TFW when your friend wakes you up on a Sunday morning when you’re comfy and warm in the bed”

TFW Origin

So now we understand what TFW means, it’s interesting to understand how the term originated in the first location. The roots of TFW are uncertain but it can be traced to the “I Know That Feel Bro” meme, often seen with two personalities hugging each other, expressing sympathy over what the other feels. TFW can also be paired with a photo or a GIF to communicate a ridiculous situation. So after all, the reply to the question that’s been haunting you — “What’s TFW?” Turns out to be a simple “That Feel When”. Well, what better way to end this article than to say “TFW you know the meaning of TFW”

what does tf mean in texting

you can imagine depends on sutiation but common abrovations are given below

TFTransformers (toy)
TFTrack & Field
TFTransmission Fluid (automotive)
TFTransflash Memory Card (mobile device)
TFTooth Fairy

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