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TeamViewer Alternatives: top 10 Best Free Remote Access Apps

Ever thought that linking to someone else’s PC would be so straightforward. With TeamViewer, we’re readily able to take control over computers on that we do not have physical access. This software is totally free for private use, but the company might charge you if you’re using it for commercial purpose.

A remote desktop connection can help you connect and manage a remote computer remotely. Which can come vital whilst assisting your acquaintances with troubleshooting their issues, for programmers it helps makes simple to hasten the deployments? Even data centers are largely managed using the remote desktop connection and are helpful for accessing online tools. There are several experts about Remote Desktop Connection that are too great to be ignored. But to get the best experience, you call for an ideal Remote desktop application to carry out your tasks. There are lots of Remote Desktop Software available, from which Team Viewer is pioneering the listing.

Since the time TeamViewer got hacked safety became the main concern for the majority of the users. Security experts are also suggesting users fall TeamViewer or face severe issues. Yes, TeamViewer has been targeted and reportedly all the active sessions throughout the hack got logged out. Additional everyone got an email to confirm ownership and put up two-factor authorization.

However, you may be seeking for TeamViewer alternatives options for numerous reasons which could be.

  • Safety is the principal concern for some users.
  • TeamViewer simply does not run on your PC.
  • Fetching some quicker application.
  • Want a free choice to TeamViewer.
  • Just curious to use another program or at all.

here are the best  TeamViewer has many of useful features like file transfers, mobile access, collaborations, phone calls,chatting, there are many Teamviewer alternatives are given below

Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2018

1. Real VNCReal VNC

Real VNC includes both free and paid permit choices for Remote Desktop Application that’s backed with VNC frame. The Virtual Network Computing is an open source technology on which Real VNC is based on. Despite being more complex than TeamViewer to set up, Real VNC makes it certain your connections are secured and reliable at exactly the exact same time.

Real VNC not only offers you features of TeamViewer that are File Transfers and chats but also powers authentication, encryption over a cross-platform remote control.

2.Windows Remote Desktop ConnectionWindows Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft’s own Windows Remote Desktop Connection, which can be prebuilt at no cost in Windows operating system. This may be your first option to join any remote desktop system since you do not need to walk an additional mile to put in a new remote desktop program. The program comes in Business and Ultimate versions also, which provides complete access to a remote PC.

Developed by Windows and Mac OS X the also is pretty straightforward and easy to use making it ideal for beginners to begin with a remote desktop client.

But this tool has some disadvantages like unable to connect several PCs at the exact same time and it locks the remote PC’s screen. Though this tool may be a fantastic selection for system administrators to control multiple PCs at the workplace.

3. SplashtopSplashtop

Splashtop is another deserving choice of TeamViewer for private and industrial usages. This Remote Desktop Application provides free as well as paid versions, where you are able to connect up to five PCs at a free version. Preparing the client on our Windows or Mac with your Android or IOS device is exactly what Splashtop does effortlessly.

Splashtop further features minimum ping support, which enables you to enjoy the media remotely. If you’re using Splashtop to troubleshoot little issues, it will do the work spectacularly.

The ease of accessibility and an enormous secured encounter which Splashtop provides at little or zero fees makes it one of the greatest TeamViewer substitute.

Developed in the home of LogMeIn, JoinMe has turned out to be among the most spectacular tools to connect several individuals to connect with one another at precisely the exact same time. Developed by Windows and Mac OS X, JoinMe offers unlimited voice link with any device, so any user can join over any VOIP or phone.

The paid version farther features up to 250 members allocation capability with demonstration swap attribute, so that everyone can share their view throughout the conference.

So JoinMe should be the greatest priority for any corporate employees to get in touch with their customers and employees.

5.Chrome Remote Desktop

Another alternative for TeamViewer that does not need one to set up a new program if you have Google Chrome preinstalled is Chrome Remote Desktop. This tool instantly creates a trust in our subconscious mind because it’s developed by Google Inc, the title is sufficient, isn’t it?

The add-on enables you to access the remote PC and its content over an online network directly from your browser.

Google Remote Desktop works well once you will need to access a remote computer before leaving our browser. The installation is fast easy and does not cost a single penny to get a remote computer attached.


6. UltraVNC

This is one of a few totally free choices out there for TeamViewer, despite charging nothing UltraVNC is really promising for the job it does. This is a completely free tool designed for Windows-based PC to access other PCs remotely.

Though UltraVNC is exclusive for Windows but setting it up is only a couple of minutes. This instrument can come handy if you want help someone remotely to troubleshoot their problems.

This is a mild tool which lets you easily finish work on the other system when the link is established. Additionally, this tool also enables seamless file transfers using a fast connection establishment attribute which gets your jobs done even faster.


7. AMMYY Admin

Ammyy Admin is a free Remote desktop program to take over remote PC that may be used for personal and commercial function. Ammy Admin distinguishes itself from the majority of the other Remote Desktop Software by being ultralight and loaded with features at exactly the exact same time.

Even after being so mild, AMMY Adminn does not compromise with consumer security even a little.

As it pertains about memory consumption, Ammy Admin does not consume a lot of your system resources and leaves large resource chunk for different applications. Installation and usability of AMMY Adminn is quite simple, making it the first for many users.

So if you’re looking for a light, quick and simple Remote Desktop solution for business or individual usages then AMMY Admin might be an ideal tool for you.


LogMeIn is an excellent remote desktop offering which offers file transfers, audio and video streaming, and also full-remote access to transfer files. You can even print documents to a local printer and share documents with collaborators using the service. As of now, there is no free version, but you can start the free trial and check the features offered.

9. AnyDesk:

AnyDesk is among the fastest remote desktop software on the market. It allows for new usage scenarios and applications that haven’t been possible with current remote desktop software. AnyDesk is a favorite Remote Desktop application which uses a new video codec, which is specially made for great looking graphical user interfaces. AnyDesk software is flexible, lightweight and secure. The software uses TLS1.2 encryption and both ends of the link are cryptographically verified.

In Conclusion

We assembled this listing of Best Team Viewer choices after testing dozens of different remote desktop applications, we included best ones clearly. So, if you’re searching for a TeamViewer option that may provide you equally great experience then you may consider any of the aforementioned Remote Desktop Applications.

Have some doubts while picking a TeamViewer Alternatives? write in comments.

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