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The right selfie camera: self-portraits with different models

Words like Selfie and Selfie stick are already in the dictionary, and the Selfiekamera or selfie camera is sure to follow. Contrary to some critical voices, this has nothing to do with the decline of the German language but with its enrichment. The art is also influenced to a certain extent by selfies since the images are indeed a kind of self-portraits of individuals or groups of people. If you want to make several at different times in different places, you need a suitable selfie camera. Here I have collected different models for different target groups.

The simplest solution: iPhone as a selfie camera

If you take pictures with the iPhone, you can simply use the front camera to take selfies. In addition, for the photography of the environment and to create self-portraits no extra camera must be carried around. I have already summarized which covers and cases can help you with selfies. In addition to these helpful accessories, there are other matching gadgets, such as these:

Digital cameras with selfie screen

If you try to shoot a selfie with a simple digital camera, you will quickly fail because you only see the result after it has been triggered. A repetition of the recording is often the case: including renewed poses. So, if you’re shooting with a digital camera rather than an iPhone, you should look for models with front displays. Once again, I’ve taken the work off of you and compiled two models with good reviews.

Samsung DV180F with 16.2 MP as a selfie camera

This digital camera from Samsung brings 16.2 megapixels for pictures and a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for video. With some interesting settings and various gadgets for the basic image post-processing and equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, it is interesting for all photographers. Slim and light she is a good companion for traveling. On Amazon you can find them for currently 169 euros.

Samsung DV180F
Source: Amazon

Waterproof Wudoli 20 MP digital camera with selfie display

The digital and up to 3 meters waterproof digital camera from Wudoli brings 20 megapixels for pictures, but only a VGA video resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. So it is, according to modern standards, suitable only for photos. Selfies can be made thanks to the corresponding display on the front of the camera. Underwater certainly brings an innovative effect. You can find the camera among others at Amazon for currently 99.99 euros.

selfie camera

Alternative: Canon Legria Mini X with 12.9 MP and Full HD

Significantly more expensive, but also ideal for video recordings from unique perspectives is the Canon Legria Mini X camcorder.The small, handy device with 170 ° wide-angle lens and very good microphones will be available on Amazon soon and brings good reviews. If you want to get an idea of the recordings of this device, then I recommend the format “Whose Line?” By De Changeman on YouTube:

Use a drone as a selfie camera – why not?

Drones like the DJI Phantom 4 or the DJI Mavic Pro are perfect for – in the truest sense of the word – outstanding video recordings and photos. Among other things, because you can fix them on you and keep them in motion in the center of the action. But they also bring the opportunity to make unique selfies from above. In addition to the simple rumbling and the drone to align yourself, you have the opportunity to lie on the lawn, on the sea, a boat, the picnic blanket or in the snow and take photos from above. There are also interesting possibilities for self-exposure from a thousand other perspectives. You can get to the drones here:

Another quite innovative drone is the GoPro Karma, which uses the GoPro HERO5 for photo and video recordings. A wonderful camera, of course, if you want to make wide-angle selfies, this underwater (or just from the air) has and does not bother with the fisheye effect. However, the camera does not come with a front display for displaying the current recording – here the Karma Controller is the tool of choice. You can find all information in the linked article.

Conclusion on selfie camera

I think you should not choose the camera exclusively according to the criteria of Selfietauglichkeit. For some time also the mapping of the own person becomes boring and then one might like to explore the further functions of the appropriate device. If you’re not interested in photos and videos, you might want to start using the iPhone right from the start. Otherwise, ask yourself if you want a simple point-and-shoot camera, a waterproof camera, a camcorder, or perhaps a drone. For all this, I have linked examples in this article. Have fun with it, and leave a comment there! 🙂

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