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Blank Name In Facebook & Whatsapp

Tricks To Make Invisible / Blank Name In Facebook & Whatsapp

  Blank Name In Facebook & Whatsapp :Hey All,you know that facebook is one of the best social networking site and still growing enormously fast attracting young generation. There are many magic codes available for this site which will be discussed later on. So without wasting time I am going to demonstrate you working method […]

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Back Up iPhone and iPad Data with iCloud and iTunes

We need to back up iOS data every time when you do an upgrade or switch to a new device. And in daily use we need do iOS data backup as well for data security reason, in case all photos, contacts, emails are gone if iPhone or iPad dies or gets stolen. The latest released […]

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Check If My iPhone UDID Has Been Compromised

A hacker has been reported that he hacked into an FBI agent’s laptop and captured a list of Apple UDID/ for 12 million numbers. He made a website and just leaked 1 million of them for the public to check and prove what he did were true. If you have an iPhone, or iPad, you […]

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Apache VS Nginx

Apache VS Nginx Feature Comparison And More

Apache vs Nginx are both free http servers   Apache vs nginx Has millions of feature like MS WORD and windows server but most people need the six features which there are included but the other features make apache slow, Nginx on the other hand has only those six features and so it make it […]

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High Pr Dofollow Directory Submission List

High Pr Dofollow Directory Submission List for tech blogs

High Pr Dofollow Directory Submission List :So you are looking catalog accommodation locales , so this post will give you great registry accommodation destinations that will help you to get backlinks from different assets. Registry Submission is a Part of SEO. Through Directory Submission We Can enhance interface popularty of our Websites. So Every One […]

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