New Apple Developer Guidelines

New Apple Developer Guidelines: App Store Rules from 2018

With the turn of the year, there are new regulations for developers of apps that are to run on Apple systems. The updated New Apple Developer Guidelines for the App Store offer some positive aspects as well as limitations for developers, but to give consumers a more positive experience. Below I have summarized the most important changes / changes to the New Apple Developer Guidelines from 2018.

Building kit app settlement is softened

As reported in the middle of December here in the blog , so Apple rigorously throw all apps from the store for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which were created according to the same kit schema. Just if, for example, only the Facebook page with contact button, imprint and information about a company was published as their app, these programs should be deleted. Now, however, there are many complaints from Apple but a give in: even on templates based apps are allowed, but only if they are brought from the developer’s own account in the App Store.

Submit only ready-made apps for pre-order

It sounds a bit absurd, but just the Super Mario Run app for the iPhone has shown that it works great: iOS apps that you can pre-order as a user, must be fully programmed and functional when setting by the developer. It protects consumers, but developers can not pre-order before the app completes. You can then either just advertise outside the app store or start it when the product is ready and ready in the App Store. What is individually worthwhile, that depends on the nature and extent of the app.

Lootbox in-app purchases only allowed with odds

If an iOS game contains paid loot boxes, that is, in-app purchases that result in virtual items, items, and equipment of random order and quantity, then the odds or odds for each “win” must be shown. Other in-app purchases with uncertain outcome reminiscent of competitions or games of chance must be equipped with the respective probabilities. This is not really new, since also online casinos and bookmakers in the net have to show their quotas. This serves the player or consumer protection. In the gaming sector, Lootboxes are now more than ever decrypted, which is why many demand from Apple to ban them generally in iOS apps.

Crypto trading only with trusted apps

With regard to cryptocurrencies, the app experience for users of iPhones, iPads and the like should improve from 2018 onwards. Because apps that enable the trading and use of Bitcoin, ethers and the like, must be discontinued in future by official banks, Futures Commission Merchants (FCM), investment firms or other approved financial institutions. So should the crypto trade for Apple users become more secure and debacle like with Google Android should not take place (any longer).

VPN apps only with New Apple Developer Guidelines

If a developer wants to offer an iOS app for a virtual private network (VPN), then he will have to use the Apple standardized NEVPNManager API in the future. In addition, it must be clearly explained which user data are read in and collected and what they are used for. Also, VPN apps must not violate the laws in the countries of use. If a VPN license is required in a country, then this must be noted. Details on this and other regulations can be found in the new Apple App Store Guidelines .

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