Movie4K and alternative to streaming movies and series

About Movie4K or KinoX watching movies and series by streaming has been more illegal than ever since a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 26 April 2017. On 44a users can not be so easily called, since a service would have to look like a legitimate use (like YouTube) – with the streaming pages is not the case, especially if there are categories like current Kinofilme gives. What can be used as economical cinema friends as alternative, this is to be shown here.

Movie2K, Movie4K, KinoX: Alternatives for legal streaming

Legal streaming is very simple and may even be free. If you look at many films and series, as well as in the month roughly rounded 10 euros left, can even use long-term legal streams. What has always been strictly forbidden in Movie2K, Movie4K, KinoX and other illegal platforms, is legal for legal offers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video : download content for local playback! Another advantage that you can use without having to worry about possible warnings or advertisements.

Movies and serials on the Internet – that goes with fear of a warning free of charge and illegal. Better use a legal alternative, which brings further advantages. Examples of alternative or legally acting stream providers are available here!

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix: the best legal streaming services

If you look at the prices and offers of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix compared to competitors such as Maxdome or Sky Ticket , then you can already claim that these two providers are currently the best. At least as far as the film and series offer is concerned. Of course you will not find any films that are currently running in the cinema or have just been taken out of the cinema program. That something is not legal, but of course should be logical.

Here is a small summary comparison of the alternatives:

 Amazon Prime VideoNetflix
  • 99$ / year (about $8.25 / month)
  • Monthly subscription for 8.25 euros
  • 7,99 Euro / month (SD)
  • 9,99 Euro / month (HD)
  • 11,99 Euro / month (Premium / 4K)
Known movies and seriesYesYes
Own productionsYes manyYes many
Free test subscriptionYesYes
Easy to cancelYesYes
Download contentYesYes
Call viaInternet site / appInternet site / app
Other advantagesFree premium shipping from Amazon orders, Prime Music, Twitch Prime, eBooks, etc.
websiteclick here Click here

Movies and series stream for free?

A really free and safe stream of series and movies can only be obtained with offers such as Prime Video, Netflix, Maxdome, Sky Ticket and Co., and so on are theoretically free – a warning can but you well and gladly cost 1,000 to 2,000 euros. If you do not pay, you take a lawyer and go to court, then it will be even more expensive. Let’s take a look at a recent case where a Munich woman should pay 915 euros. You can use Prime for more than 18 years (or book Music Unlimited ) or more than 6 years the most expensive tariff of Netflix.

Conclusion on the topic

There are enough alternatives to illegal streaming, torrent downloads, steam cloud, file sharing and anything you can not connect with,, Popcorn Time and more. If your Smart TV is connected to the Internet, you can also watch decent HD content with corresponding apps instead of pixelated, illegal streams – the same goes for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, etc. A probemonat is even free. So use legal alternatives and saves you warnings in the four-digit range😉

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