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Magic tricks really bring joy and love to children, while adults think: “How did you do that?”Just for those who want to get to the bottom and satisfy their curiosity, prepared five revelations of some famous tricks.

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Rabbit in hatMagic tricks -Rabbit in hat

The rabbit is put in a cloth bag, which is formed of a black handkerchief whose ends are together. The bag is hung on a hook at the table on the side of the wizard. The public on the other side of the table does not see it. When the magician turns his hat, he lifts it slightly from his side and with a movement puts the sachet in the hat. Then he takes the rabbit out and shows it to the public

Smoke from the fingers

Smoke from the fingers -Magic tricks
Take a box of matches and remove the «flammable surface». Take off that surface of the box. Fold the strip thus obtained lengthwise and turn it on. When the flammable layer burns completely, remove the strip and leave only the carbon residue. This is what we need. Run a finger over that residue and rub your fingers slowly.

Fold a spoon

Fold a spoon - Magic tricks

What happens is that instead of the end of the spoon a coin is used. The spoon and coin are held in both hands and the bottom of the spoon is pressed against a table. After these manipulations, the coin is placed in the middle of the fat fingers. All around will see the coin and think that it is the end of the “folded” spoon


Levitation - Magic tricks
An attendant lies down on a table, covering with her dress everything underneath it. An illusionist raises her in the air and tries to convince everyone that there is no device around the girl. The main role in this trick is played by a special mechanism that slowly lifts the person lying down. The magician passes a hula hula around the girl. The hula hula is authentic and full but large in size, allowing you to pass it several times without touching the mechanism. The magician is placed in such a way that it can cover its axis. Precisely this determines whether the trick will be successful or not.

Relocated woman

Magic tricks-Relocated woman

The height of each box is approximately 35 centimeters, and the height of the mobile platform is 20 cm. When an attendant enters the box, it appears among the public on a hatch in the platform, which easily opens down with a spring. But when all the doors close, she sits at the bottom of the platform. Each of the three upper levels has two doors: one true, through which the girl enters, and another false one on the opposite side. The second door “reveals” the inside of the box only about 5 cm inward: this is where false parts of the body belonging to a mannequin are located in the same clothing. When removing the three upper boxes, the magician turns them several times so that the public does not remember which side the real doors are

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