iPhone X Battery Capacity

iPhone X Battery Capacity : That’s how much mAh the Apple Premium Smartphone has

The new Apple iPhone X is out there, and those who are considering buying the smartphone naturally want to know how much capacity the battery has. How much charge in mAh does the iPhone X battery pack on the clock? If you too wonder how much mAh does the iPhone X Battery Capacity have? , Then you are exactly right here. In addition to the battery capacity of the new Apple premium smartphone I give you other current values, such as Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, so you have a direct comparison.

iPhone X Battery Capacity

Apple iPhone X Battery Capacity in mAh

The higher the charge of a battery in mAh (milliamp hours), the longer the device will last. Below I have compared the battery charge of the iPhone X Battery Capacity with the charges of current smartphones of the two leading brands:

Smartphone modelMax. Battery charge
iPhone X2,700 mAh
iPhone 81,821 mAh
iPhone 8 Plus2,675 mAh
iPhone 71,960 mAh
iPhone 7 Plus2,910 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S83,000 mAh
Samsung Galaxy Note 83,300 mAh

Incidentally, the source for the mahama data for the Apple iPhone X is the website of China Telecom . The data for the batteries in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus I also have from a Chinese page. Details in this post .

What else does the smartphone do?

For the iPhone X, there were already some rumors and speculation in advance , plenty of leaks and information from the pre-release versions of iOS 11 and Co. But now everything is set in stone and the cat is out of the bag. We now know what technical data you can expect next to the mAh number of the battery, if you want to order the iPhone X online or buy in the Apple Store. Here are some informative contributions on the subject:

  • Summary of the Apple September Keynote 2017: here
  • How much is the iPhone X with 64GB and 256GB memory? The answer here!
  • Information and technical data for the OLED display can be found here

Is the iPhone X Battery Capacity a purchase criterion?

What do you think about the topic? Do you wonder how much mAh does the iPhone X Battery Capacity? before you consider buying or are other criteria more important? Leave your opinion and your purchase criteria as a comment there! You are also welcome to show which technical data and features are more important or just as important to you as the fact of how much mAh the iPhone X Battery Capacity has

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