Increase your visitors With Social Networking

Increase your visitors With Social Networking

In these days social networking has become one of the best promotional tools to get visitors for your site or blog. Whether it is facebook or twitter or some of the other like hi5, Myspace has a great impact on getting visitors. Facebook is now the best social networking service that allows you to communicate with some friend’s f ours along with twitter. Facebook , Twitter, Myspace has more has great amount of visitors. If you want to cash those visitors for your site you will have to be an active member of those Social Networking site. They nearly work as Social Bookmarking site as well. Twitter is no other than a social bookmarking site.

Increase your visitors With Social Networking

For the correct use of social networking site you need good amount of friends. Facebook has a special feature called Facebook Fan Page. You can increase your Facebook page like. When you are using twitter you need good amount of follower for your topic. In Myspace you can have huge amount of friends. Myspace do not have a limit of friends. It is easy but lengthy process to follow. If you follow some of the rules that will help you to get good amount of Likes, Follow and friends for sure.

Getting Facebook Page Fans is really easy. First create a page related to your topic. Use related picture as your header Background.  Use logo as your profile picture. Now invite your friend to get like. That’s how it’s work. It very easy work to do, as like I have mentioned before.  If you want more like you can follow some rules to get real like.

  1. Comment on everybody’s  status
  2. Make a customized page.
  3. Be regular in facebook
  4. Go to related facebook groups
  5. Update your page regularly
  6. In facebook batch in your Bolg or website.
  7. Include page in Twitter account.
  8. Insist everyone to comment your topics inside

Now what to do in the mentioned places? Yes, I am coming to the answer those questions.

Please be specific what you are commenting. It means you need to comment right thing that everyone likes to know. Use humor if you can. I have seen these work best.  Don’t post right away your link please wait for a while. When he or she get back to you insist him to like the page you want to increase you fan. You can massage someone to like the page. In group post related topic and tell them to like the page if you want. Don’t posts like that you are determine to get liker form the group.

Getting twitter follower is far easier. Every day you can follow 300 people can do unlimited tweet. All you have to do is tweet interesting. Do not follow everyone use massage option to send them a short massage why he or she needs to follow the profile. Don’t send everyone the same thing, make some changes.

Follow these simple processes to get good amount of fans or follower. Hope you enjoyed the topic. Give us your opinion. It will help us to get better.

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