How to use WhatsApp on laptop

How to use WhatsApp on laptop – pc windows 7/8/10/mac osx

Who wants to How to use WhatsApp on laptop, has three options for it. On the one hand, you can use the messenger via the WhatsApp Web browser or you can install the Windows client WhatsApp Desktop , which offers you additional features. Another option – the more rocky way – is via an Android emulator. How the different options work, we explain in this guide.

How to use WhatsApp on laptop – the desktop offers tangible benefits: With a real keyboard, it taps faster than on a smartphone. And you can see more at a glance, as the monitor is larger. WhatsApp can also be used on the tablet.

Since 2015 WhatsApp users are allowed to chat not only on their smartphone with their contacts, but also in the browser on a PC or notebook. This service is called the team around Jan Koum “WhatsApp Web”. Below is a step-by-step explanation of How to use WhatsApp on laptop PC desktop – or on your tablet. Just call the website and open the app WhatsApp on your phone. In addition to Google’s Chrome or Opera is also Firefox officially supported. Whether you ‘re using an Android device, Windows Phone or iPhone does not matter. Unless you use a very old iPhone, Android smartphone or Blackberry – because WhatsApp end of 2016, the support for many old smartphones.

Use WhatsApp Web in Laptop Browser

With WhatsApp Web, the team behind the popular messenger since early 2015, a quite official way to use WhatsApp on the notebook and PC. By scanning a QR code, a connection is established between your smartphone and the WhatsApp servers, which allows you to chat comfortably from the browser. This is the same account: All messages and files are displayed on both devices at the same time and synchronized at any time. The following prerequisites exist for WhatsApp Web:

  • The laptop should have the latest version of one of the following browsers installed: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari.
  • WhatsApp Web is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • In order to use WhatsApp Web, the mobile phone must be switched on at any time and connected to the Internet.
How to use WhatsApp on laptop
This happens when your phone goes out or loses the internet connection.
  • How you can use WhatsApp Web on the laptop and PC, we have briefly summarized in the following video. A step-by-step guide can be found below the video:

How to use WhatsApp on laptop, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to
  2. Now take your smartphone to hand and follow the instructions on the website for your device.

  1. For example, on Android, in the WhatsApp overview page, tap the menu icon and select WhatsApp Web.How to use WhatsApp on laptop
  2. On your smartphone should  a QR scanner, which you direct to the QR code, which is displayed on the website on the laptop.
    If the QR code has been recognized by the smartphone, you should now be able to see your WhatsApp overview in the browser and merry it

Use WhatsApp desktop on the notebook

Since May 2016, the WhatsApp team now also offers a desktop version that you can use on your laptop or Macbook. In principle, the desktop version of the popular messenger does not work much different than the WhatsApp Web described above. You still need your smartphone here, which must be switched on and have a stable internet connection.

WhatsApp Desktop is available for laptops with Windows 10 and 8 in the 64- and 32-bit version and for Macbooks with OS X 10.9 or later. Unlike the web variant, you must of course download and install WhatsApp before. After that, the procedure of signing up with the QR code is the same. With desktop notifications and shortcuts, the desktop variant has some advantages over WhatsApp Web.

whatsapp on pc
WhatsApp Desktop allows you to conveniently use the messenger on the laptop.

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Use WhatsApp via Android emulator

Before WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop existed, WhatsApp could only be used on the laptop with the help of an emulator. This offers some advantages and disadvantages: On the one hand you are no longer dependent on your smartphone after setting up – so you can also chat via WhatsApp, if the battery of your smartphone is empty. On the other hand, the chats do not automatically sync and you can only use one device at a time.

With Android emulators like Andy, BlueStacks & Co. there is a possibility to install Android apps and thus also WhatsApp on the notebook. In addition, Andy has the advantage that you can also connect to your own Google account to import the WhatsApp contacts. So far, so practical. The furnishings are also fast:

Download Andy , BlueStacks, or the Android emulator of your choice and install the program on your laptop.

  • Do not forget to connect the Android virtual system to your Google account, otherwise there will be
  • problems later with your WhatsApp account.
  • Now go to the Play Store (this is preinstalled on most Android emulators).
  • Search for WhatsApp and download the messenger.
  • Start WhatsApp and log in with your mobile number.
  • You will receive a confirmation code via SMS which you have to enter on your notebook at WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web: All functions on board

The WhatsApp web interface looks very similar to the app in terms of design, all known symbols have been preserved. Even with the functions, there are no drawbacks: Voice recordings with the microphone are just as possible as the sending of photos and videos. Incoming and outgoing messages automatically synchronize the program, they appear in the app and in the browser version. The notification in a small window, which pops up on the bottom right of the computer screen, is optional. Nothing works without a smartphone: web chat only works as long as the smartphone app has an internet connection.

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