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The perfect selfie for Instagram- the stars make it happen

Everyone loves selfies, everyone takes selfies. But not every picture becomes a perfect selfie. And why do the self-portraits of stars like Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez always look perfect in social networks? What is the secret of the celebrities and how does “Otto Normalo” get the perfect picture of himself? We’ll show you simple tips and tricks that will definitely make the perfect selfie.

How do you make the perfect selfie?

The selfie is probably the most popular photo on the net. Many seek the perfect selfie. Regardless of whether you’re a star or a regular consumer, everyone loves their self-portraits and takes a good shot at them. From the social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and also Snapchat the selfies are indispensable. Most of the celebrities look perfect and they get millions of likes on the internet. But what is the secret of the stars and how do I get the perfect selfie? To make a good self-portrait, you just have to consider a few simple rules.

Step 1 for a perfect selfie: Filter

Everyone knows it: sometimes you have dark circles, looks tired and the skin is not flawless, but still you would like to take a picture and that should be as perfect as possible. No problem: just set a filter, for example, on Instagram or another app and the perfect selfie nothing stands in the way. A black-and-white or sepia filter conceals and hides dark circles and a blur ensures flawless skin. Incidentally, the most popular Instagram filters are “Rise”, “Valencia” and “Sierra”.

Step 2 for a perfect selfie: facial expression

Pay attention to your facial expression. Although Duck-Face and Pout are still popular poses, you better avoid them. A beautiful smile is usually the best option for a selfie. Find your chocolate side and put yourself in the spotlight. With the right make-up and contouring you can emphasize your preferences.

Step 3 to the perfect selfie: light

On the way to a perfect selfie, the right light also plays a big role. It’s also called the perfect selfie light. The best is natural daylight. So move into the right light and you’re one step closer to the perfect selfie.

Step 4 to the perfect selfie: perspective

The right angle is another important factor to take a good selfie. Some perspectives just make you feel very unfavorable. For example, images taken from below may give you a nasty double chin. So always stay in the right angle! More pleasant are the selfies, which were easily taken from above.

Step 5 to the perfect selfie: Post-processing

Once the selfie is done, you still have the opportunity to rework the image and spice things up a bit. You can pimp your selfie with the aid of popular image editing apps such as “Facetune” or “Instagram”. Well, the technology makes it possible and let’s be honest: Almost everyone works on his pictures a little bit. Why is there an extra hashtag #nofilterneeded, which explicitly emphasizes when a picture was not edited?

But attention: The post-processing should be just the final touch. So do not overdo it with filters, smoothing, and blurring for a flawless skin, because that’s unnatural. We all cheat a bit, but most of the time less is more, and that also applies to the perfect snapshots.

If your selfie is too boring, you can make it a bit more colorful, for example with the “Snapchat” app, even with a variety of effects.

Step 6 to the perfect selfie: background

Not only you should look good in the photo. The background also plays a role in a perfect selfie. Think about what you want to say with your picture and then choose a suitable scenery.

Step 7 for a Perfect Selfie: Selfie Stick

When looking at a selfie stick opinions differ. For many it is popular, others find it embarrassing and stupid. The fact is: A selfie stick makes it easy for you to make the perfect selfie. Especially with selfies with larger groups, it is an indispensable tool. With the artificial Armverlängerung fits even the last of your friends on the picture! But even alone, the handle can be worth the selfie stick. He creates a distance to his own face and thus prevents that unpleasant details such as pores or pimples are clearly visible in the photo.

Et voila, that’s the perfect selfie. So let’s go and take selfies! From now on you will always get a great picture thanks to our tips.

Selfies with cult status

There are a lot of selfies that people still talk about and will talk about for a long time. These pictures have reached cult status. One of the most famous selfies is comedy star Ellen DeGeneres from the Oscar Night 2014. On Twitter, no picture was retweeted as often as this legendary selfie. For many, it may be the perfect selfie as the entertainer has managed to get some of the biggest Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence , Channing Tatum or Brad Pitt together on a photo during the ceremony. It always takes the perfect moment for perfect selfies! Ellen DeGeneres has captured her forever.

Then there are the scandal selfies that sometimes trigger a wave of events nobody would have expected. The best example of this is the famous New Year’s Eve selfie by Sylvie Meis , Rafael van der Vaart and Sabia Boulahrouz. Often the stars also surprise us with their selfie partners. After a long argument between Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of husband Kanye West , the selfie queen recently shared a photo on Instagram with the former enemy. Well – a picture sometimes says more than a thousand words.

Success through the perfect selfie

You can not only upload a good selfie on social networks, you can also make it a source of income. The perfect selfie can even help you make a successful start to your career. Selfie queen Kim Kardashian has just released a whole book of self-portraits, and Justin Bieber helped make two model girls whose perfect selfies he discovered and then shared on his Instagram account a model career. Many fashion bloggers also rely on daily selfies to present their “Outfit of the Day”. Having a perfect selfie can be a great success and a decent career move.

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