how to retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory

how to retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory

On the phone contacts can be saved with various information such as phone number, email, address. Often it can happen that one has accidentally deleted a private or business contact on the Android Phone. It is especially annoying if there is no backup of the Android contacts. Is there a way to restore Android deleted contacts? The answer is yes.

If you press the wrong button, you can mistakenly delete your important contacts on the phone. If your Android contacts have been lost, you need a data recovery software for Android. In this article, we introduce you to a free tool for restoring Android deleted contacts.

The best freeware to retrieve the Android contacts

Android Data Recovery is a free tool to recover lost and deleted contacts from Android smartphone. The freeware can scan all contacts in the phone book and search for the deleted contacts. You can get back all the information of your deleted contacts like number, name, email, and co. It supports all major Android devices such as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Google, Sony, HTC, LG.

The Android Contact Recovery software is available for Windows and Mac, and completely free for the recovery of deleted contacts on the phone. Download the software for free and follow the steps below to get Android deleted contacts back.

Note :

• If you have deleted contacts on your Android smartphone, please do not add any new data to avoid overwriting the deleted data.

• Root access is required to recover the deleted contacts. In the process, the freeware will try to root your Android device.

• The restored contact information is exported to the computer.

Step by step: retrieve Android deleted contacts

Following we will show you step by step how to recover deleted contacts with the freeware Android.

Step 1: Connect Android phone to the computer

Start the recovery tool on the computer. And connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on the Android phone

Follow the instructions in the program to enable USB debugging on the Android device. After that, the program will detect your Android phone and the window will automatically jump to step 3.

Step 3: Select Android Contacts to Scan

In the file type window, check the box in front of “Contacts” to scan the deleted contacts on the phone. Then click “Next” and the Android Contact Recovery software will automatically scan the Android device.

The software will try to root the Android device. If the root does not work, you can find more tools for the root.

Step 4: retrieve Android deleted contacts

After scanning, click on “Contacts” on the left. Then all contacts will be listed on your Android phone. The deleted contact details are highlighted in red. Select the contacts you want and click “Restore” in the lower right corner.

Then select a location for the contact information. And the freeware will recover the deleted contacts and save them on the computer.

Alternatively: Restore Android contacts with Gmail

If you’ve set up a Google Account on your Android phone, your contact list will automatically sync with Gmail. Fortunately, Gmail provides a restore function for the deleted contacts. With Gmail, you’ll be able to reset the contact list to any of the last 30 days, restoring your deleted contacts.

For detailed instructions, see this article: Restoring Gmail Contacts.


Above, we presented two methods for restoring Android deleted contacts. With Android Data Recovery and Gmail, you can easily and quickly rescue remote contacts. However, you should regularly back up Android contacts to avoid possible data loss. Try the freeware.

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