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solution: iCloud password or Apple ID password forgotten?

Have you forgotten the iCloud password or do not know the Apple ID anymore, then the access to the services of Apple from the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device and so on is not impossible, but difficult. Because you have to assign a new iCloud password or previously (only) to search for the Apple ID. For both, Apple offers corresponding online services to help you if you forget your iCloud password or your Apple ID. By the way: a new password will not be sent because it would be known to Apple or even an employee – so you have to forgive one of them.

iCloud password
Have you forgotten the Apple ID password and can not access the iCloud anymore? This guide shows the solution!

Forgot your Apple ID or password?

The Apple account, which is secured by the Apple ID and password, gives you access to services such as iCloud, App Store, iTunes, iBooks, News, FaceTime, Apple Store, and the Game Center , If you have forgotten your access data and are not logged in to any device, then that is – depending on the scope of use of each offer – quickly a problem. However, you can find the solution directly on the login page appleid.apple.com . Just use the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” And choose what you want to recover.

Apple ID password forgotten

Have you forgotten the Apple password, then that’s basically the lesser evil. Because you can then simply enter your ID, you must decipher a captcha and then you can choose whether you want to get a link via e-mail or if you want to answer the security questions. These security questions you have set including answers when setting up the Apple ID. If you no longer know the answers, then you can send the link to reset the password by mail. When you have access again, it’s best to ask questions the answers of which you can remember 😉

 forgot password in apple
Problems logging in? Then enter your Apple ID …
 forgot password in appleid
Now you can choose what you want to reset – password or security questions.
reset apple id password
You can have an e-mail sent to you or perform the security prompt and then reset the Apple ID password.

Forgot Apple ID or iCloud password

Here you should know which e-mail addresses Apple knows about you. Because you have forgotten the Apple ID, then you have to enter your first name, your last name and a mail address. This data is compared with the database Apple and if there is a match, then the result is output accordingly.

If there is no match, then it says “No Apple ID found” and you get the indication that your information in the given combination was not deposited. Just click on the “Try again” button and use a different e-mail address.

reset iCloud password or Apple ID password
This is what a match looks like 😉

Give yourself a new password

If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, then you need to set a new one via the steps shown. You can write a message to the support, but they will certainly not set up your access data and send it to you. That would somehow violate your privacy. Even requests to docrazytricks have no effect 😉 Again and again come in comments or emails by asking for new credentials, because someone has forgotten his Apple ID password. This is just a blog and no official support – sorry that you can only help with this guide.

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