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hack WhatsApp account

How to hack a WhatsApp account with only one trick. And how to protect yourself

Hack a WhatsApp account : More than once anyone came up with the ability to check on the cell of another different conversation WhatsApp.Today we bring you an important WhatsApp security bug, among many other bugs and vulnerabilities. A method that allows WhatsApp steal accounts.With a simple procedure, from the mobile device of one can register the number of another user to access their dialogues. There is a quick and easy way to access someone else’s WhatsApp to read their conversations, so if you do not want it to happen to you should read this.Cell not necessarily a hack but an exploit of the WhatsApp activation service that allows you to register the number of another person on your phone to access your conversations.Some will find it useful, others will seem silly, the truth is that this information found in The Hacker News seems important to share not lose sight of your cel.


– Access to the cell in question (at least five minutes)
– Have a second mobile with WhatsApp newly installed without activating
– The first phone, which you want to get the material, be active backing chats WhatsApp
– know the number of the cell of the victim (obviously)


with the second cell opened WhatsApp and advances to the registration screen. When you ask for the number to register you enter the one of the mobile to review. As part of the identity verification process, an SMS is sent to the victim’s phone with the activation code

hack a WhatsApp account

When you have access to the cell, you can consult it immediately, as long as you have notifications active on the lock screen (the person may have a password to unlock it). The WhatsApp SMS is so short it can be displayed without problems.

If you do not have the notifications active or the phone is locked and you do not know the password, after 5 minutes without entering the code, WhatsApp allows the option to call to say it by mobile; You will have to wait to receive the call with the code (PIN is told in some cases). The grace of the call is that it can be received even if the phone is locked.


Once you have the WhatsApp verification code, the theft is complete. The account becomes yours, and it may take days for the original owner to recover it.hack a WhatsApp account

With the PIN, you activate WhatsApp on your cell. If the other device has message backup active (manually enabled in the chat configuration and allows you to select daily weekly or monthly backups), you can download it to your mobile phone, which is how you have access to the chat records of the victim. If this is not active then the hack is only used to send messages using your account.

The problem for the other person is not only that they access their conversations, but will have to wait 25 minutes to reactivate WhatsApp on your mobile, which is enough time for you to make your own. So we recommend not lend your device to anyone.

How to prevent theft from hack a WhatsApp account

If you receive a strange SMS WhatsApp (or call) with a PIN verification suspect that someone may be trying to steal your account and take protective measures.

Think about whether you’re willing to lose some of the functionality of the operating system and the personal assistant by voice recognition by turning off individual notifications that can be obtained on screen blocked and that would allow you to steal your WhatsApp account if you lose the phone.

How to recover your account if your WhatsApp is hijacked

If you arrive late and have stolen the account do not despair. You can still get it back.

The first thing is to try to open session in your cell requesting and entering a new activation code on your mobile phone.

If the “hacker” is especially perverse, you can repeatedly request the verification PIN after stealing your account. For security,¬†WhatsApp extends the time between those attempts and no longer 25 minutes, which can lead you to spend hours or even days without being able to re-login on your mobile.

If the thing is lengthened in excess, contact WhatsApp and tell them your situation so that you can regain access to your account from hack WhatsApp account.

Once you regain control of the account, take the precautionary measures detailed above.

It should be made clear that hijacking WhatsApp accounts from third parties is a crime and that the sole purpose of this article is to disclose a vulnerability to protect users and for WhatsApp and operators to fix it as soon as possible by adding verification processes More secure identity (for example with 2-step verification, or through a trusted mail), thus preventing you from being “hacked” in such a sadly simple way.

If you believe that your account can be one of the vulnerable, hurry to take the actions we have described above to protect it. You can share this information with people who may be unprotected by using the buttons to make it down or up.

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