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Documents by Readdle: File manager and ZIP opener for iOS on iPhone / iPad

Documents by Readdle is a file manager app for iOS on iPhone and iPad. With the software, you can import and store files on the Apple smartphone and tablet, manage and organize them, integrate all the major cloud providers, read files, listen and watch. In addition, the App Documents by Readdle helps you to open ZIP files on iPhone and iPad. So if you want to extract archive files and sift through the contents of iOS, here you are!

Documents by Readdle: File manager for iOS devices

Documents from Readdle are available for iOS devices from version 9.0 of the operating system on iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch. The main purpose is to manage data and files. So with the software you can easily download files from the web, drag them from the computer or the cloud, share them with friends and so on. Also can be opened by the App Office files on iOS and PDF documents on iPhone, iPad and iPod display. In addition to text you can also open images, audio and video – music can be used online and offline, movies can be played and photos viewed.

download Documents by Readdle

From many major publications and trade magazines such as The Verge, USA Today and The Next Web, the documents of Readdle App was highly praised. The download for your mobile Apple device can be found in the App Store or iTunes:

download documents by readdle

ZIP files open on iPhone and iPad

If you want to extract ZIP archives on the iPhone or even pack yourself, then that also works with the app from Readdle Inc. Unfortunately, iOS does not provide onboard means to unpack ZIP archives, which is why this program, along with its other great features, is the ideal solution is. Especially if you use your Apple smartphone or tablet for business and often times archive files with packaged content from customers, customers, service providers, etc., then it may be worthwhile. Best of all: The file manager and ZIP opener for iOS is free! Just try it out and give your contacts feedback on their ZIP content faster

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