DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles now available in the online shop

The DJI goggles, a kind of VR glasses for the tracking of drone shots in real time, is now available in the manufacturer’s online shop. If you want to add two Full HD resolution screens and the head drone control to your quadrocopter experience, then you should access: now in the DJI Online Shop!

DJI Goggles with new technology

In a trial run that Jens just made for his DJI Mavic Pro, the delivery date was June 10, 2017 – so if you’re quick to pre-order, you can have your new FPI glasses from DJI at home in less than a month. As you can see in the picture, however, you should have a second person with you when you use the DJI goggles for security – that’s the law under the new drones regulation. It is best if one flies in view and the other pursues the recordings. So you minimize the risk of accidents, collisions, etc. In the field, on the model airfield and similar places should be but sometimes a flight with the FPV glasses in it 😉

Have fun! (And here again the link to the goggles in the DJI Online Shop )

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