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iCloud password

solution: iCloud password or Apple ID password forgotten?

Have you forgotten the iCloud password or do not know the Apple ID anymore, then the access to the services of Apple from the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device and so on is not impossible, but difficult. Because you have to assign a new iCloud password or previously (only) to search for the Apple ID. For […]

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Change the email address of your Apple ID

How to Change the email address of your Apple ID

If you’d like to change the email address of your Apple ID, this is the place for you. Below I have summarized instructions that will help you to move your Apple ID step by step, on the Mac or even on an iOS device like the iPhone. In addition, I show you how the change […]

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Apple File System: File System APFS to replace 2015 HFS + (from macOS Sierra 10.12)

At the WWDC 2016, Apple had presented its new file system APFS, which is to replace the currently still used HFS Plus. In the course of the current year 2017, the Apple File System could now replace HFS +. What changes does this and why Apple wants to implement a new file system at all, I have […]

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mac os sierra compatibility

mac os sierra compatibility list in Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook

New models of Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook come with macOS High Sierra; but which existing versions of the Cupertino computers are compatible with the new operating system macOS 10.13? Here you will find the answer and a few details about mac os sierra compatibility. So you know exactly whether you will come with your Apple computer from autumn […]

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idx file

What is a .idx file and how can I open it?

Question: I found a .idx file in the directory of a domain, when I accessed it via [FTP-> ftp-programs-mac]. My Mac wanted to open the file with VLC, but that failed. With which program should you open these IDX files? Answer: An .idx file is only an “overview”, which has a program created. Most of the time you can translate […]

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