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DJI Osmo Mobile

DJI Osmo, Osmo + and Osmo Mobile: professional image stabilization for amateur filmmakers

The Chinese drone manufacturer DJI is not a rare topic on the blog, which is one of many occasions to take a look at the product range called DJI Osmo. Under the name “Osmo”, DJI sells video recording equipment with image stabilization through a gimbal with three axes. DJI Osmo +, DJI Osmo Pro and DJI Osmo Mobile offer various functions and […]

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Anker usb charger

Anker USB charger “Smartport” and coupons of anchor and tizi

Anyone traveling with smartphone, tablet, camera, and Co. on the Easter holidays, knows the problem yes: countless batteries are waiting to be stowed in the much too small pockets. Hardly arrived at the dear relationship, it also turns out that only a free outlet is available. Oh damn! However, there are some nice ideas to get around this […]

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Flat 3-in-1 powerbank with Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB connector

It’s not like I do not have enough powerbank. With me, a number of models fly around, but one thing was missing: A flat as possible power bank, which has a Lightning- and a USB-C and a micro-USB connector. Of course, after a bit of research, I found what I was looking for: The portable Charger power […]

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LED Selfie Cases

The Best LED Selfie Cases and Cases for the iPhone 6 / 6s (Plus)

The selfie LED Selfie Cases: for some a way to live out his narcissism digitally. For others, the unique art form. Personally, I am not so focused on the visuals (of people or myself), but of course, respect people who like to take selfies or take a look at them. For the first group, there is even the […]

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selfie camera

The right selfie camera: self-portraits with different models

Words like Selfie and Selfie stick are already in the dictionary, and the Selfiekamera or selfie camera is sure to follow. Contrary to some critical voices, this has nothing to do with the decline of the German language but with its enrichment. The art is also influenced to a certain extent by selfies since the images are indeed a kind of self-portraits of […]

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