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Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle: File manager and ZIP opener for iOS on iPhone / iPad

Documents by Readdle is a file manager app for iOS on iPhone and iPad. With the software, you can import and store files on the Apple smartphone and tablet, manage and organize them, integrate all the major cloud providers, read files, listen and watch. In addition, the App Documents by Readdle helps you to open ZIP files on iPhone and iPad. So […]

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Apple File System: File System APFS to replace 2015 HFS + (from macOS Sierra 10.12)

At the WWDC 2016, Apple had presented its new file system APFS, which is to replace the currently still used HFS Plus. In the course of the current year 2017, the Apple File System could now replace HFS +. What changes does this and why Apple wants to implement a new file system at all, I have […]

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Hacking AppLock Android

Hacking AppLock Android App Without Knowing Password 2016

It’s super easy to bypass audio manager app as we have seen complete hacking tutorial in previous post. Today we will try to hack leading security provider android application popularly known as AppLock. It can lock your sms, contacts, facebook, gmail passwords to protect private data. Users can also hide photos/videos/access to call logs using […]

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Back Up iPhone and iPad Data with iCloud and iTunes

We need to back up iOS data every time when you do an upgrade or switch to a new device. And in daily use we need do iOS data backup as well for data security reason, in case all photos, contacts, emails are gone if iPhone or iPad dies or gets stolen. The latest released […]

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Check If My iPhone UDID Has Been Compromised

A hacker has been reported that he hacked into an FBI agent’s laptop and captured a list of Apple UDID/ for 12 million numbers. He made a website and just leaked 1 million of them for the public to check and prove what he did were true. If you have an iPhone, or iPad, you […]

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