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Flat 3-in-1 powerbank with Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB connector

It’s not like I do not have enough powerbank. With me, a number of models fly around, but one thing was missing: A flat as possible power bank, which has a Lightning- and a USB-C and a micro-USB connector. Of course, after a bit of research, I found what I was looking for: The portable Charger power […]

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amazon tv

Amazon TV: 4K Television of Tongfang with Fire OS and Alexa is still 2017 come

Since the beginning of January, more precisely since the CES 2017, the rumored kitchen cooks around an Amazon TV, an Amazon TV with 4K resolution, integrated Fire TV, voice control over Alexa resp. Echo and so on. The Amazon TV is to be manufactured by the company Tsinghua Tongfang, in short: Tongfang. In this article, I’ve summarized you once, what […]

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Samsung Charging cable

Samsung charging cable: charger for mobile phone, Galaxy smartphone and tablet

An original Samsung charging cable or a suitable USB cable for smartphones and tablets from this manufacturer from a third party supplier are sought-after products. It does not necessarily have to be a charger with a fixed power plug you buy – much better is a cable with USB connection, which is either plugged into a […]

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iPhone X vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

In comparison: Apple iPhone X vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

With the iPhone X , Apple has released a new premium smartphone at the September Keynote 2017, which sets standards in many respects. The new Apple smartphone, which was released for the jubilee of the series as well as the honor of Steve Jobs’ is not the only technically very well-equipped smartphone. In addition, the iPhone X was not […]

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how does Amazon Prime work

How does Amazon Prime work?

How does Amazon Prime work: how can you stream movies, series, and music and what benefits can you claim for free? These and similar questions I would like to answer you in this post. Because there is a lot of advertising for the premium service from the world’s largest, mail-order company, and the shop page is often pointed […]

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