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Funny Wifi names: Wifi names are, if you do not change the standard names, rather boring. Funny WLAN names and witty names for the wireless network are an enrichment for everyone. Even if no one is to dial in, one can conjure a smile to seekers when they read the Wifi name on the mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or notebook. If you are looking for inspiration for funny Wifi names, then you are exactly right here!

WLAN networks usually have boring default names, which often correspond to the name of the router. You want to bring some more fun in your everyday life and perhaps take a little bit your neighbors? Then we put together 82 ideas for funny Wi-Fi names in English in a list.

Take a look at the funniest, craziest and most original Wi-Fi names we could find on the internet!

You do not believe how creative users are in naming their networks : puns and humorous names, messages to the users of the W-LAN or to people from outside, references to pop culture and passively aggressive notes. We collected the best names we could find in the expanses of the WWW.

Funny  Wifi names and the best SSID names can be found in this little guide book. What are your WLAN names?

Funny WLAN names, SSID and Wifi names for your network

Without long distance, I want you here a list with the best WLAN names. Just choose one, name your home network, the WLAN in the house, your tethering hotspot in the office, or the wifi in the co-working space so that Wi-Fi seekers have to smile. Here is the list:

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Best wifi names 2017

Martin Router King


Angela Merkel’s service

BND all-round monitoring # 42

The password is PASSWORD

Your Dog Shit In My Garden

A beer for an hour of guest access

Can not dial up

Factory for electrosmog

Error 404: Network not found

GEZ measuring 

(.) (.) Hihihi

Alice in Wonderland


I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi

Go Go Gadget Internet

FBI Surveillance Van

CIA Secret Station #875


I Can Haz Wi-Fi?

trolley # 110

Click on it, Mutti!

Don’t even try it

No Free Wifi for you

Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead


My Own Damn Internet






Let them use it

Use at your own risk

You are my crush

Pick up your dog shit

Area 51

Covet not thy neighbor’s WiFi

Intelligent and Funny WiFi Names


bandwidth drain

Here are free viruses


penny get your ownwifi

Sweet Adeline

Catholic waterworks


Virus Infected WiFi

You Pay Now


Buy yourself own internet!

Free internet with insane 56k


The Promised LAN

Go Home Tourists

Mum Use This One

For p0rn Use Only


Feel Like Flying

Mom, Click Here for Internet

Skynet Global Defense Network

Y No You Get WiFI?

A Van Down By The River

All Your Bandwidth Belong to the US

Wu-Tang LAN

Whose WiFi is it Anyway?


Error: Please Contact Your ISP

Free Virus


Abraham Linksys


Bring Your Own Wi-Fi

Steal This Wi-Fi!

Look Ma, No Wires!

The Wi-Fi Next Door


99 problems but Wi-Fi Ain’t One

LAN Boehmermann

Lord Voldemodem

Funny WLAN Names Here

Neighbor, listen to our WLAN to steal! (instead of neighbor just insert the name)

Network detection failed

Obi WLAN Kenobi

Schantall, tu times the WLAN turn on!

Fast, need a wireless cable !

Mom Use This One

Abraham Linksys

No Network Found

Get Off My LAN!

Use at your own risk

Connection Lost

God Save The Wi-Fi

It Hurts When IP

Benjamin FrankLAN

Martin Router King

John Wilkes Bluetooth

Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Bill Wi the Science Fi

I Believe Wi Can Fi

Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her

Bring Beer and Women to 40.2

Your music is annoying

Open Wi-Fi

Ouch…sat on my nutz

we can hear you having sex

The Whore House is Busy Tonight


Password is Password

Drop it like its Hotspot

Party Saturday Night APT #434!!!

Here’s the Password Clue Read again

It Hurts When IP

ew England Clam Router

Feel like Flying

Protected CeX

DHARMA Initiative – Station 4 (for Lost fans)


Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!


A Lannister Always Surfs The Net

Total Hear

Use This One Mom



Mom, Click Here for Internet

Guys, please stop fighting for Wifi

Your grammar is more annoying

Shut your Fucking Dog Up


No More Mister Wi-Fi

LAN Solo

The LAN Before Time

Silence of the LANs

Come and clean up my house

Wireless GangBang

Le le Bhikhari

Free for 1 day

I Love you my wifi

Tell her I love her

House LANister

Get Your Own Wi-Fi

Searching …



Hogwarts Great hall Wifi

Please Come Back

Not Your Wifi

Only For Zombies

God is our Rock. He’ll save you!

Does God Know u steal the internet?

This Wi-Fi Is Infected

I Love My WiFi

Get Your Own Internet


The Dark Knet

Used Nicholas Cage DVDs 2 for 1


Please stop your barking dog

Free virus

John’s full name in CAPS, no space

Shut Your Dog Up

Look Ma, No Wires!

Keep it on the Download


Enter the Dragon’s Network

Connect and Die

Karen’s Network

Look Ma, No Wires!

Keep it on the Download


Enter the Dragon’s Network

Connect and Die

Karen’s Network


LANdo Calrissian

Winternet Is Coming



Caitlin stop using our internet!


Not Free So Use 3G

Hide your Kids, Hide your Wi-Fi

Ping’s Landing

The Ping in the North

This LAN Is My LAN

Get Off My LAN

Network Not Found

All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us

Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Please Connect for Identity Theft

Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!

The Promised LAN

The LAN Down Under

FBI Surveillance Van 4

Area 51 Test Site

Drive-By Wi-Fi (for automobile hotspot)

Planet Express (for automobile hotspot)

Wu Tang LAN

Darude LANstorm

Never Gonna Give You Up

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi




Virus-Infected Wi-Fi

Starbucks Wi-Fi

Text ###-#### for Password

Yell ____ for Password

The Password Is 1234

Free Public Wi-Fi


Click this

Justin Bieber trivia questions

Yell “Doggy” to know password

Last night I saw you naked

Don’t Snoop

No Wires, Still alive and working


Error: Can’t Connect

You Can Haz Wireless

Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi

My Own Damn Wi-Fi


Connection Lost

Awesome and Best Wi-Fi Names

No Free Wi-Fi Here

Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi

It Hurts When IP

Dora the Internet Explorer

404 Wi-Fi Unavailable


suck on my secure connection


This Wi-Fi is Unsecured

Unsecured Wi-Fi

Please no more grindcore at 3am

StayOFFmy router


This is Not Free Either

Wi-Fight the inevitable?

God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!

The Promised LAN

Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?

Troy and Abed in the Modem

Really, asshole? Curry again?

“big jock knew” is a cunt


I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi

BatLAN and Robin


Dialup Internet

Good Guy Greg



Titanic Syncing

Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore

Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

Life in the Fast LAN

The Creep Next Door

Ye Olde Internet

What is the rumble up there?In addition to funny WLAN names in German there are of course a lot of names for the Wifi, with which you can call international laughter. Here is a list of WLAN names or SSID names, which use English references, word jokes (so-called pubs) and the like:

Wi-Fi Names in English with Funny Wifi Names

Get Off My LAN

I Can Hear You Having Sex

Insert Funny Wifi Name Here

Winternet is Coming

Press Alt+F4 to Connect

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Connect

Don’t Even Tri-Fi

LAN of the Dead

Series of Tubes

FBI Surveillance Van #594

We Use Sly22981 To Download Pron

Abraham Linksys

Bad Error 313: Disconnect


IP All Over Your House

It Hurts When IP

Router, I Hardly know Her

Call Me Maybe

99 problems but WiFi ain’t one

Super Thanks For Asking

LAN of Milk and Honey


404 Network Unavailable

Drop it like it’s Hotspot

Call Me Maybe

99 problems but WiFi ain’t one

Super Thanks For Asking

LAN of Milk and Honey


404 Network Unavailable

Drop it like it’s Hotspot


To use, bring boozeJohn Wilkes Bluetooth

Pump it. ROUTER!

Martin Router King


I hate my neighbor


You’re AllNoobs

I Can Hear U Wacking Off to it

Drop it like its hotspot

Martin Router King

NSA Surveillance Base # 23

One Does Not Simply Connect To This WiFi

Pretty Fly For A WiFi




Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN

Child Toucher

Click Here for Viruses


I can read your emails

Talk Less, Work more

The Next Door

Very slow internet


Virus WiFi

Funny wifi names list

The Net starring Sandra Bullock

Blue M&Ms


I Can Haz Wireless?

Silence of the LAN

Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi

Go Go Gadget Internet


Bill Wi, the Science Fi

NSA Listening Post

The Promised LAN

Untrusted Network

Winternet Is Coming

WuTang LAN

You Shall Not Pass!

NSA Surveillance Station 4

Click Here For Viruses

Wi-Fi So Serious

Revenge of the Wi-Fi

Does This Look Infected?

Enter Wireless

Nothing On My Wi-Fi

Fight for the Wi-Fi

Breaking the Wi-Fi


Prohibited Connection

Your Music Is Annoying

Your WiFi Is In Another Castle

wifi names game of thrones.

game of thrnes wifi names
game of thrnes wifi names


Ping of the North

Ping in the North

The Pingslayer

The Ping Beyond the Wall

The LAN of Always Winter

Azor WiFi

LAN-nisters always pay the debts

The LAN-nisters send their regards

The Night’s Ping

Tyrion LANnister: The half-WAN

The Sites’ Watch

The Dornishman’s WiFi

The Brotherhood Without LAN Errors

All Men Must WiFi

Ping’s LANding

A LAN-nister always surfs the net

House LAN-nister

Hot Pie-Fi

Winternet is Coming

WiFi is Coming


This WiFi is dark and full of errors


The Night’s Switch


Little Fingers Whore House

Packets Are Coming

The Network That Was Promised

Ours Is The WiFi

The House of Black and WiFi

What is dead may never WiFi

What is Wi may never Fi

We do not seed

The Rains of Comcastamere

A WiFi has no name

ping SHAME! ping

You load nothing, Jon Slow

Wi-fire and Blood

A Song of Ice and WiFire

ComCasterly Rock

A Song of Ice and Firewall

There is no word for WiFi in Dothraki

For the WiFi is slow and full of loading

The Mad PING

A Router of Ice and Fire

All Men Must Lag

The Night’s Switch

Network for smartphone, mobile phone and laptop creative

The reference to games, movies and other content of the pop culture always attract, if you look for a funny WLAN name. But also the 404 or the reference to a virus in the network can be not only funny, but also unwanted fellow users away. The wireless Internet can communicate with messages to the neighbor or the neighborhood but also important statements.

What are your favorites? What is your opinion on the best WLAN name? Or do you have completely different ideas? Let’s leave a comment

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