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Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

We are using Google Adsense to get some money from internet. Money is always the main part when we come to host a website or a blog. Though some of the people do not need money for sharing some go their secret but most of them really like to have that much, Because they want some the money for the host where they host their domain. Some of the blogger has become wealthy as well with the help of google adsense. It is clear that google adsense is the best contextual advertising system but it has some problems as well. Google has some rules that is hard to follow and it is not possible to say your adsense is going to disable. If you need more reliable source to earn money online you have to rely on some other contextual advertising system. Now we are going to learn some of the most popular alternative to adsense. Though these alternatives are not that good as google adsense but they has the most money giving advertising sites. These advertising sources are really useful when your adsense is no longer supported in your blog. Most of the popular sites are now only rely on the alternative rather that google adsense.

This post is all about some of the alternatives which are really useful when you are not using Google adsense. We will discuss top alternatives of google adsense. AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolink and Clicksor are some advertising program that can give good revenue. Though Google Adsense is the best contextual advertising system these advertising system can give you good money for sure.

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here are the Best Alternatives to Google Adsense


Adbrite is one of the most used advertising programs for your blog. Many blogger aims for the Adbrite adbrite program for their blog. This is good money giving adsense for sure but they don’t good money compare to google adsnese and you are not wishing to get the same amount of money using AdBrite advertising program. Some belief that AdBrite is the best alternative for Google Adsene and Only thing that AdBrite do not have huge amount of ad selections.



BidVertiser is one of most loved advertising program. They are very high paying adverting program for blogger. They have some great format of advertisement and they are really likeable. The latest system is offering some great opportunities that can help you increase your revenue. They recenty introduce two new systems.



Chitika is probably the best alternative for google adsense. It is one of the high paying advertising programs and it has big amount of ad format. They provide solutions and services to advertisers and publishers of advertisers. They show ads based on the user search terms on the search engine. So it has more potential to get clicked. Chitika is pretty useful.



Clicksor is one of the most used and mostly recommended advertising program for beginners Clicksor has good variety of advertising patterns. Clicksor is one of most handsome advertising programs. They target small companies and they value most of the small blogs as well. They are pretty high money giving program on the net. Some use Clicksor as alternative to Google Adsense. It might not be the best alternative but it has good payment rate which is very important for any new blogger.



infolinks is one great alternative to adsense. Some uses the advertising program and they think it is the best alternative. Infolinks show their ads based on the keyword of your topic. If movie is a keyword for your post they will show their ads as a link using the keyword as their anchor text. It has good and low withdraw rate. It is good paying advertising system. You can use infolinks as your alternative for google adsense.


These are some good and useful alternative advertising programs for your help. Wishing this will help you to choose your alternative. These are some high paying alternative to your blog. Let us know by commenting how you like the idea. Your comment is so much valuable for us.

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