Apple Watch battery capacity (mAh) of all models

Apple Watch battery capacity (mAh) of all models and editions

If you want to know what capacity your Apple Watch battery capacity in mAh has, then you’re right here. Even if you want to determine your Apple Watch model to see which series you have, which accessory is compatible with it, and if it’s worth the upgrade, you’ll be helped. Because of course you first have to know which model of the watch you have and then you can select the battery capacity from the table below. Listed are all models of the 1st generation, the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 . If you have any questions or comments on the subject, please leave a comment there.

Apple Watch battery capacity (mAh) of all models

Apple Watch: Model determine with iPhone

Based on the model number you can find out which Apple Watch you have in use. To find the Apple Watch model number, you need to use the Apple Watch app on the iPhone to which the watch is paired. And so you go:

  • Open the Apple Watch app
  • Touch My Watch -> General -> Info
  • In the list, you are looking for the item model
  • The model number consists of an “A” and four digits
  • When the part number is displayed, tap Model to access the model number

Apple Watch battery capacity in mAh

Below you will find all previous Apple Watch models (as of October 2017) and their battery capacity in mAh. Considering power banks, accessories, and battery charging considerations, it is important to keep in mind not only MAH, but also other battery (kWh), watchOS (consumption), and so on.

Apple Watch – Overview of all model 

Below you will find the model numbers and battery values of Apple watches. The model numbers also give an indication of the size of the model (42mm or 38mm case). This value can also be found on the back of the device.

Model numberApple Watch battery capacity
Apple Watch 1st Gen
(including Sport, Edition, Hermes)
A1553 (38mm)
A1554 (42mm)
205 mAh (38 mm)
250 mAh (42 mm)
Apple Watch Series 1A1802 (38 mm)
A1803 (42 mm)
205 mAh (38 mm)
250 mAh (42 mm)
Apple Watch Series 2
(including stainless steel, aluminum, Hermès, Nike +)
A1757 (38 mm)
A1758 (42 mm)
273 mAh (38 mm)
334 mAh (42 mm)
Apple Watch Series 2 EditionA1816 (38mm)
A1817 (42mm)
273 mAh (38 mm)
334 mAh (42 mm)
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS
(including Nike +)
A1858 (38mm)
A1859 (42mm)
262 mAh (38 mm)
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular
(Including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Edition, Hermès, Nike +)
A1889 (38mm)
A1891 (42mm)
279 mAh (38 mm)presumably up to 350 mAh (42 mm)

More about the power supply in Apple devices

I hope this post was able to help you if you were looking for the Apple Watch battery capacity in mAh. There are not too many reliable sources for these values; Apple itself is always very covered, as far as exact hardware values are concerned. The sources for this article were therefore beside (model numbers) above all and Wikipedia. By the way, if you want to know which iPad you have, click here: Design your own Apple iPad model. And of course, there’s also the corresponding Apple Watch battery capacity and tabletbattery capacity (MAH) of the Apple iPad models.

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