Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh

Apple iPhone battery capacity in MAH of all models

Knowing the Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh is important, for example, if you want to buy a power bank or a battery case. In this post, you will learn how “big” the power storage of the smartphone from Cupertino is on each model. For those who are not sure which iPhone generation they use, I have the model numbers packed with her the overview. The iPhone model number you will find, as well as the IMEI and serial number, on the back of the device. Do you have any questions about the Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh, then leave a comment there.

Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh

Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh

In the following table, you will find an overview of the battery capacities of the iPhone generations from the iPhone (2007) to the iPhone X (2017). In individual contributions of this blog you have already been able to find these or those values, but here is the overall overview:

model numberRelease YearBattery Capacity
iPhoneA120320071,400 mAh
iPhone 3GA1324, A124120081,150 mAh
iPhone 3GSA1325, A130320091,219 mAh
iPhone 4A1349, A133220101,419 mAh
iPhone 4sA1431, A138720111,432 mAh
iPhone 5A1428, A1429, A144220121,434 mAh
iPhone 5cA1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A153220131,508 mAh
iPhone 5sA1453, A1457, A1518, A1528,A1530, A153320131,558 mAh
iPhone 6A1549, A1586, A158920141,809 mAh
iPhone 6 PlusA1522, A1524, A159320142,906 mAh
iPhone 6sA1633, A1688, A170020151,715 mAh
iPhone 6s PlusA1634, A1687, A169920152,705 mAh
iPhone SEA1723, A1662, A172420161,624 mAh
iPhone 7A1660, A1778, A177920161,960 mAh
iPhone 7 PlusA1661, A1784, A178520162,906 mAh
iPhone 8A1863, A1905, A190620171,821 mAh
iPhone 8 PlusA1864, A1897, A189820172,675 mAh
iPhone XA1865, A190120172,700 mAh

Power storage by iPad, Apple Watch, and Co.

Here in the blog, you will find not only numerous articles, news and guides on the subject of iPhone, but also interesting facts about the Apple iPad, the Apple iPod, and the Apple Watch. For example, here’s a guide to determining your iPad model: Design your own Apple iPad model. If you then know which iPad generation you have, you can easily find their battery capacity in milliamp hours – Overview: Battery capacity (mAh) of the Apple iPad models. If you have an Apple Watch in use, then you can also thanks to a local guide to determine the exact model and its battery capacity: Apple Watch battery capacity (mAh) of all models and editions.

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