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A shipping-friendly packaging as a prerequisite for happy customers

With the growing e-commerce trade, parcel shipping is also gaining in importance. Whether they like it or not, online shops increasingly have to deal with the subject of logistics, and in times of “unpacking videos” with appropriate packaging.  The right packaging is much more than just a wrapper that makes the actual product ready for transport. When it […]

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online shop

A professionally set up online shop in 14 days!

A professional online shop in 14 days, how is that supposed to work? The days of expensive, lengthy, individually developed IT solutions are over. With the help of modular systems and rental software, complex IT projects can now be implemented very cost-effectively. However, not all gold glitters, and whoever turns to WordPress, Wix, Jimdo, and co. dared […]

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shopify plus

What is Shopify Plus and when is it worthwhile? An overview

shopify plus: Over the past few years, we’ve worked with over 100 Shopify brands – more than enough to understand the limitations of this platform. There are reasons for these limitations – you can not guarantee 99.99% uptime for 400,000 businesses without sacrificing anywhere. The question is whether you can live as a successful and […]

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Apple Superdrive

The alternative to the Apple Superdrive: external USB DVD burner on the Mac

After Apple has banned the optical drive from all models, one must now be content with an external solution, if you want to burn DVD or CD blanks. For many Apple users, the Apple SuperDrive was certainly the first choice, but after looking for a USB hub for my MacBook Pro, I had to read that […]

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iPhone X Battery Capacity

iPhone X Battery Capacity : That’s how much mAh the Apple Premium Smartphone has

The new Apple iPhone X is out there, and those who are considering buying the smartphone naturally want to know how much capacity the battery has. How much charge in mAh does the iPhone X battery pack on the clock? If you too wonder how much mAh does the iPhone X Battery Capacity have? , Then you are exactly […]

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