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The Best Android Free Games 2018

Free fun for Android devices: Here are the best free games for 2018. Thus, the year passes as guaranteed in flight. Whether on the couch, at the bus stop or while the boss is talking about his vacation: when it comes time to kill, then Android games are the best choice. No category is as densely populated […]

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iCloud password

solution: iCloud password or Apple ID password forgotten?

Have you forgotten the iCloud password or do not know the Apple ID anymore, then the access to the services of Apple from the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device and so on is not impossible, but difficult. Because you have to assign a new iCloud password or previously (only) to search for the Apple ID. For […]

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New Apple Developer Guidelines

New Apple Developer Guidelines: App Store Rules from 2018

With the turn of the year, there are new regulations for developers of apps that are to run on Apple systems. The updated New Apple Developer Guidelines for the App Store offer some positive aspects as well as limitations for developers, but to give consumers a more positive experience. Below I have summarized the most important changes […]

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25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Drum Pad & Keyboard Controller with Joystick

top 10 best Midi Controller 2018 | Midi keyboard Controllers for beginners.

It used to be hard to compose music. Especially when it came to transcriptions for whole orchestras. After all, you needed a perfect ear for that or had to play as many instruments as possible. Today, most musicians use software that can easily emulate the sounds of violins, guitars, etc. on the computer. It is best to combine it […]

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01608 Quadcopter Udi U842-1 FPV

Best drone with camera : Which is the Right One for Me?

Only a few years ago, drones were only used by the military or served as a tool for weather monitoring by researchers. After all, ordinary people could not pay the horrendous prices. In the meantime, however, the initial costs for such devices have dropped rapidly and the models have even been available for less than 100 euros. Since […]

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